Berlin ; The City of World War 2

What is the capital of Germany? Most probably will answer Munich.

I spent half of my current trip to Germany. One of the countries with a long history of war, including with Russia and America, and ironically, the two countries ever mastered German, and even there was a city they control jointly, namely Berlin, a city with the largest population in Germany.

Among the many interesting things about Berlin, history of WW II that brought me here. And there's nothing more exciting than seeing the direct history of the Berlin Wall, which had been a barrier between the territory of the Soviet Union and the Allies, and the most famous point is Charlie's Check Point.

Berlin is a city with a long history of war, the city repeatedly victorious, fell, got up, victorious again, destroyed again, and got up again. 

Therefore, the city that divided by the river Spree is a blend of medieval architecture with a modern architecture which is very coherent.

The city also has a transportation system that is effective since hundreds of years ago, and still in use today, including bicycles and bahn. By paying € 7, you can ride all public transportation in the city until 3 am. Or if you want to be more satisfied, rent a bike for € 12. And Hauptbahnhof in Berlin, in my opinion, is one of the best and most magnificent in Germany.

Put backpacks in the hotel and ask for a map, then there will be dozens of interesting spots, iconic, and has a high historical value. The Berlin Wall, Brandenburg, Potsdam Platz, Alexander Platz, Check Point Charlie, the Hackescher Markt are a few of them; each of them has a long story that may not be enough to tell a day long. The Berlin Wall, for example, is a silent witness of separation between "heaven" and "hell" that made thousands of people were trying all means to pass, and hundreds of them must die. The collapse of this wall was also a milestone of independence, justice and unity. Yes, the decision to tear down this wall became discouraged that anticipated by millions of Germans for 30 years, and within a year after that, West Germany and East Germany officially joined.

Three days it's not enough for me to traverse the city. Berlin may not be attractive to tourists who just want a pansy photo selfie like in Paris or Barcelona ​​or social media artist who wait for thumb or love sign in their photos. But for lovers of history who want to adventure into the past, Berlin has dozens of museums are ready to satisfy you. Take a time to read one or two pages about this city before come, as appetizers, while enjoying a glass of Bretzel and Radler.
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