5 Places Containing Erotic Sculptures Around The World

The statues will probably bring up the various reactions and polemic. Not even close the erotic nuances of sculpture as likely to occur in a few countries in the world will be destroyed if it were built in several countries. The following are the statues and erotic garden that exists in some countries in the world.

1. Frogner Park, Norway

Frogner Park, Norway (source)
In Norway, there is a place that contains some of the nuances of erotic sculptures. According to the original poster, statues of bronze is not made solely sexually oriented, because the sculptures are a form of expression of a person will be something. Although according to the original poster not focussing on the erotic, but overall, the sculptures in Frogner Park is the statue of a man in a State of nudity.

2. Can Ginebreda Bosc D'Escultures, Spain

Can Ginebreda Bosc D'Escultures, Spain (source)
A designer and master of art from Spain named Xicu Cabanyes made some sculptures that average shaped like male genitalia. Some are made as the original, some are deliberately created by incorporating the elements of art and have a special meaning.
Reportedly, penis sculptures created by Cabanyes is a representation of his own penis. Although it has elements of erotic, anyone can visit Can Ginebreda Bosc D'Escultures or place where the statues of the penis are located.

3. the Jeju Loveland, South Korea

Jeju Loveland, South Korea (source)
Jeju Loveland is a garden which can be said to be the most erotic worldwide. In it contains sculptures which form a naked man or woman or couple who are conducting a sexual relationship.
In fact, not only the sculptures but a place to wash your hands or toilet is also designed similar to someone who is naked, and on the part of his genital, there is a fountain which can issue the clear water.

4. the Brangelina Forever, United States

Brangelina Forever (source)
At a place called the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Residence, there is an erotic statue called Brangelina Forever or abbreviation of Brad and Angelina by the creator. Statue of naked men and women was also made as detailed as possible and show the two were having sex. Reportedly, the creator named Daniel Edwards inspired by the romance of artists and Hollywood actor, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie.

5. the Milkmaid Fountain, Italy

Milkmaid Fountain (source)
If you look at it carefully, the famous fountain located in Italy, named Milmaid Fountain can also be said to have some erotic elements because it shows young men are naked and close to each other.
However, nobody is making an issue because this fountain is a work of art that is hundreds of years old and kept maintain until now and be one of the most popular tourist destination spots in the world.
Interested in visiting one of the parks or places containing statues of the erotic nuances like this?

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