Top 10 Things To Do In Finland

Are you ready for some fun things to do in Finland? Because I have traveled from Helsinki, through the arctic circle and all the way to Lapland to see reindeer, Santa Claus, and maybe even some northern lights. So here you have it on top 10 things to do in Finland.

1. Try The Finnish Food. 

Finnish food
Finland is known for its salmon and other smoked fishes; it’s also known for its wild berries, blueberries in particular. I’m not sure what kind of berries these are, but they’re quite good. Also, root vegetables and wild mushrooms which you can find in the forests. Foraging in the forests is a thing that a lot of Finns do. They certainly do eat things from the wild, including their free roaming reindeer.

2. Visit Helsinki. 

It's Finland's capital, and it's the largest city here. Helsinki features a lot of old world architecture Really great train stations and trolleys, lots of nice like central square areas that are fun to sit at and people watch. Helsinki is known for its Gothic architecture which some say was an inspiration for design elements of Gotham City in the Batman movies.

3. Enjoy amazing Finnish nature.

Finnish nature
Driving north into Finland you can basically just pull over anywhere and experience all the nature around you. And if you really want to get out into the wild, there are a variety of National Parks in Finland.

4. Enjoy Finnish Sauna.

Finnish Sauna
So this is the Mayor of Oulu’s guest house. And this is a unique experience that I’m having, as an attendee of the Global Forum here in Oulu. But that is the process of a traditional Finnish sauna, to cycle between hot and cold. Fortunately, this party warmed everybody right back up with some smoked salmon chowder, truly a traditional Finnish experience.

5. Meet The Real Santa.

Real Santa in Santa Claus Holiday Village
Here is Lapland you’re gonna wanna meet Santa. Legend has it that Rovaniemi Finland is Santa’s Claus’s official hometown and the Santa Claus Holiday Village is where you’ll find his home office, his post office and of course, the man himself.

6. Meet Reindeer! 

Here at Santa’s Village, you can also meet the reindeer at the reindeer park, and in Finland, reindeer are in the wild everywhere. And they’re super sweet. And here we have them in the wild. There’s like a million of them.

7. Visit A Husky Dog Park.

Dog sled
Meet Husky Puppies! There are so many Huskies up here in Lapland because they pull the dog sleds. And we’re here at the Husky Park, and the puppies are just learning to be sled dogs. Well, the little ones weren’t learning yet, but these guys were. And once the snow begins to fall and they’re trained to run as a team, you can actually take a dog sled tour through the wintery Finland forest, how cool is that. And even if it only falls, you can still stop by just to hang out with little bundles of fun.

8. Learn About Sami Culture

Siida museum
Are you still with me? Cus I’m at the TOP of Lapland now in Inari, Finland. Although that’s not me. And while most travelers come this far north to hunt the northern lights, it’s great to spend the daytime learning about the indigenous Sami people of Lapland. The Siida museum tells their rich history through exhibits, artifacts and beautiful representations of the Sami people. And now that you’ve learned all about Finland and its people.

9. Buy Finnish Handicrafts.

Handicraft: Sami knife
It’s time to buy some souvenirs. Your best bet here is to go for their authentic handicrafts, woven pieces all bursting with color and intricate patterns. You can even purchase elements of their traditional Sami costume, sure to brighten up any outfit.

10. See The Northern Lights.

Northern Light
And is where things get sad. After coming all this way, NORTH of the Arctic Circle to maximize my chances of catching the spectacular northern lights-I learned that cosmic solar flare light shows are not that simple. All it took was cloud cover on both nights to lock the aurora borealis from shining through and into the camera lens.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope I’ve inspired you with some of these fantastic things to do in Finland. Be sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you can catch all the other articles. Bye!

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