10 Countries Which Have Famous Sex Tourism Destinations in The World

Sex is indeed one of the things that became the basic needs of every human being. Few countries in the world have a sexual tourism that has been known in various countries.

This type of tourism is one of the income streams for a country that provide it. The use of sexual sides as a special tourist destination is indeed quite effective for attracting the tourists to be able to visit compared to another tourist theme.

Indeed, not all people who visit places that fall into the category of sex tourism destination should engage in sexual activity, but the majority are indeed visiting with those goals.

Here are some countries with tourist destinations smelled of prostitution.

1. Germany

In this one country, places of prostitution are pretty much scattered in various areas. Even not only in a special place, but the event of prostitution can also be found freely on the streets, and again it is legal.

The history of sex tourism industry in Germany has been around and organized since around 1200 AD.

2. Malaysia

Although it is declared illegal because it does not fit with the teachings of the religion, that does not mean there is no sex tourism in Malaysia.

In some places like Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, the event of prostitution done in stealth and industry grew since the number of sex workers from different countries come to Malaysia.

3. Dominican Republic

Because it is located quite close to the United States which reportedly as a ' supporter ' and ' sender ' of tourists to the area.

Prostitution in the Dominican Republic also thrives.

4. Kenya

In the African region and surrounding areas, Kenya is a country that has stability in a variety of things; it is pretty good compared to its closest countries. In addition to the great nature tourism, Kenya is also known for the largest sex tourist destinations on the continent.

Even Kenyan Tourism Board is not so disputed to the emergence of the type of the tour despite the high people affected by diseases of HIV and STI in there. Average tourists were visiting Kenya to taste the ' entertainment ' male sex workers are dominated by white women aged.

5. Netherlands

In addition to Germany, the Netherlands is also one of the countries in Europe that are famous for the sex tourism.

The industry of prostitution in the Netherlands is legal and regulated and well-organized. De Wallen is the red district in the Netherlands and becomes a sex tourism destination which is quite famous in the world.

6. Philippines

Although it is considered quite significant, the sex industry in the Philippines is not favored by the community around even declared illegal by the Government.

The majority of the sex industry in the Philippines dressed with entertainment tourism available in the pub or cafe. In fact, reportedly, about 60% of tourists visiting the Philippines just want to enjoy sex tourism only.

7. Spain

Since the last few years, the sex industry in Spain is increasing rapidly and became one of the tourist destinations for travelers from other countries.

Although the majority of the sex workers in the country are immigrants, the Government of Spain as not too concerned, because foreign exchange obtained is promising.

8. Colombia

The sex industry in Colombia is legal according to the Government and the law and simply accepted by the community in the country.

However, the Government of Colombia to combat the problem of human trafficking and the smuggling of children, child prostitution, and sexual slavery.

9. Brazil

Among the countries of Latin America, Brazil included a country that has a well-known sex tourism.

Combined with beauty and elegance body's of the girls in the country, as well as support from the Government, then the sex industry in Brazil is growing rapidly. Even when held an international event, like the World Cup, the promotion of sex tourism is also included.

10. Thailand

Among countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand occupied the first rank as a country that has a well-known sex tourism destinations.

Although not entirely legal, in fact, the authorities turned a blind eye to sex tourism visited by many tourists. The sex industry in Thailand began to grow when Vietnam war occurred several years ago.

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