Disclose Unique Facts Victoria's Waterfalls in Zambia

Known as one of the most beautiful in the world, Victoria's waterfall is  African treasures located within Zambia and Zimbabwe. Because of the beautiful waterfall on this one, even UNESCO has to put it on the list of world heritage sites.

In addition to beautiful and World Heritage-listed, it turns out that Victoria's waterfalls also has a lot of the other side which is unique to be known. What are the others side? Let's discover its uniqueness:

The widest waterfall in the world

Perhaps Victoria's waterfall is not the highest in the world. Compared to Angel's waterfall in Venezuela (967 m), this one ' only ' has a height of 100 meters. If measured from the width, then it could be ascertained that Victoria's waterfall is the winner.
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Originated from the majestic Zambesi River, Victoria's waterfall was noted as the only waterfall that has a width of one kilometer. With a width in such a way, the legendary waterfall is capable of spilling 540,000,000 cubic feet of water within one minute. Wow!

The smoke that blaring

The name of the Victoria's waterfall is actually a form of homage to the Queen of the United Kingdom. It was named so because the waterfall was discovered first by a doctor and missionary origins of the United Kingdom named David Livingstone.
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But, long before David Livingstone discovered it in 1855, the locals have already labeled this waterfall as 'Mosi-oa-Tunya.' In the language of Kololo, 'Mosi-oa-Tunya' could mean 'blaring Smoke.' It was said that not even a single person would dare go near it because of the loud sound of the waterfall could be heard from a distance of 40 kilometers, while the fog that created could be seen from a distance of 50 kilometers.

Lunar Rainbow

Lots of the natural beauty offered by the Victoria's waterfall. In the environment of waterfalls, you can enjoy the expanse of the heaven that is laid out by mahogany, fig, and palms. While on the cliffs, you could watch the attraction of the Eagle and the Black Eagle. But the main feature of the most indulgent eye at Victoria's waterfall is the Rainbow.
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In contrast to the rainbow, in General, the color which appeared on the Victoria's Waterfall thus created by light reflected from the surface of the moon. Then, instead of seeing Rainbows during the day, You will find it at night. Very precise when you invite as well as your partner.

Devil's Pool

Although it looks like the gambling arena with death, Devil's Pool is not as deathly as it seems. Right on the tip of the cliff there is a secure underwater wall that safely protect. Therefore, tourists can take a swim and fun in this pool.
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FYI, it should be noted that the Devil's Pool is on the side that belongs to Zambia's territory, instead of Zimbabwe. Moreover, for security reasons, Devil's Pool can only be entered in August to September. In other months, it could be the pool does indeed bring death.

With beauty and uniqueness that has exposed above, there is no harm if you include Victoria falls within yours bucket list.
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