5 Anti-mainstream Tourist Cities That Worth A Visit While You Are On Holiday To Europe.

If you had a goal to visit Europe, which country or city do you want to visit? Surely it will be reflected, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, or popular tourist areas in General. But if you do not want to that mainstream places, then where the destination should be taken?

Well, actually there are lots of places that can be used as a tourist destination in addition to famous cities and most visited in the world. You just need a little time to find references to associated cities are not known, but it has a beauty that is not inferior to the popular tourist city in the world.

Well, to shorten the search, there are several cities that are decent and worth a visit when You are in Europe, in addition to famous cities in General.


Valletta is a city that became part of Malta. Built by a fighter and also famous noble in ancient times, St. John's, in the 16th century, Valletta grow into prosperous town and charming. Unfortunately, its popularity still loses compared to popular cities in Europe.

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Many of the old buildings are still well-tended in Valletta, so when you visit in this city as though it were in the middle ages. Although still carry ancient and antique impression, there is also a modern restaurant up to places to hang out with live music as entertainment.


While in Poland, there is no harm in You continue direction to one exotic city named Wroclaw. Yup, Wroclaw is an alternative city if you do not want to visit the popular city in Europe in General.

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In Wroclaw, You can find some of the old buildings are still preserved perfectly. In addition, there is also an ancient bridge and city parks as well as some of the cathedral that has been built for centuries years ago.


If you are a fan of the movie series Game of Thrones or at least ever watched it once or several times, no doubt you will certainly know this one. Yes, Dubrovnik is a city used as the setting of the movie Game of Thrones.

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In addition to buildings such as temples to the ancient relics, you can also visit the famous museum in Dubrovnik, the Homeland War Museum. Not only that, for those who love the foreign cuisine, then Dubrovnik is a great place because many restaurants or food stores which sell different types of dishes to eat on the spot or taken away.


Eastern European countries, Czech besides saving a great history of war during World War II, or also when starting to stand on its own, there are many interesting things that you can meet. One of the cities that you should visit is Brno.

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In this city, you will find the famous cathedral, St. Peter and Paul, which still retains a baroque style design. Besides, there are also caves and underground hiding places that you can browse as a vehicle test of guts in Brno.


Graz is the most famous cultural city of Austria. In addition to being the second largest city in the country, Graz also keeps a lot of natural beauty or past era buildings that still well-preserved to this day, as one of them is the University located in the South of Styria.

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In fact, unlike popular cities in Europe, if you pay a visit to Graz, many inns or hotels that offer affordable prices with service that is not inferior to the hotel or layover places in other countries.
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