7 Filming Location That Is Considered The World's Most Top

The emergence of someplace in the background of a movie clearly undertook to boost the popularity of the place. In other words, a movie can be an effective promotional media for the commercialization of an area. Some scenes of the film are even often done at one location but look like in different areas.

The selection of the right filming locations very influential towards the dramatic effect that was created in a film. Thus, it's no wonder if Hollywood movies often take filming locations in other countries. But that's not much of a film connoisseur is known, sometimes the backdrop of a city in the movies is not always taken in its original city because that's an area considered the best shooting location because in addition to having a good view is also capable of creating such an effect in other areas.

Taken from The Guardian, here are seven filming locations of movies that are considered the best in the world.


Vancouver is a city and port in Canada. Most people thought that the city could be a beautiful place to stay. Sure enough, the city does have the natural landscape and urban area that so tempting.

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson In Fifty Shades of Grey (theguardian.com)

But do you know if Vancouver is a city that is able to camouflage well in some famous movies? In the film Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, the city is transformed into Seattle. In the movie satire entitled The Interview, the appearance of cities like New York, rural China and Pyongyang also taken in this city. You just know right?


The next best filming locations are Morocco. Same with Vancouver, the country can be considered to have the capability of multitasking to describe some of the different cities of the country at once. The film director was also very fond of this place because they could take a lot of scenes in a single location so that it is more economical in the financing.

one scene in Amrican Sniper in Morocco (theguardian.com)

Cities in Morocco are generally used to make movies with stories of war in the Middle East. In the film the American Sniper, for example, the city of Rabat is used for filming in the background the city of Fallujah. In other cities in Maroco had used to describe the area of Somalia in the film Black Hawk Down, Tibet in the film Kundun, ancient Rome on the movie Gladiator to Westeros city of imagination in the movie Game of Thrones has also taken in Morocco.


New Zealand became a favorite destination of filming not just actors but also the storyteller of the movie itself. Natural landscapes are so beautiful like in the world of the imagination to make this country often hosted filming a fantasy themed. One of the most famous movies filmed in New Zealand is the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sequel.

Ian McKellen in The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey (theguardian.com)

From the film, the atmosphere of the imaginary country successfully brought to the real world and become one of the destinations are so popular that is now called The Hobbiton. Another fiction film which also filmed in New Zealand is Narnia and many more films that have been taking pictures in a country known for the fire mountain.


When viewing a scene of the film featuring the beauty of California do not directly believe if the film did the filming in place of the original. Because few films do the shooting in the port city Cape Town to display exotic coastal California.

one scene in Ryan's Daughter (theguardian.com)

Cape Town itself as one of the flourishing port city in South Africa indeed has touted the urban landscape that is very similar to the California area. In the film Ryan's Daughter, the city is in fact used for the filming of describing circumstances in the area of Ireland.


For decades, the Czech capital Prague namely has successfully disguised as other cities in many films. Interestingly almost all movie lovers don't realize it. More surprising are some of the notable films also use the services of the city of Prague to describe other areas.

scenes in Amadeus (theguardian.com)

Incognito Prague as foreign cities is perfect because with a little makeup of the city was able to incarnate as other cities. In one scene of the movie James Bond: Casino Royale, Prague city transformed into Venice, London even Miami. Other films that are not less popular Mission Impossible, this film ever shows Kremlin palace in one scene. As we might expect that the film did not do the filming in Russia but in the city of Prague. Prague Castle ever dressed so camouflaged into the Palace of the Kremlin.


London as the capital of United Kingdom is at once one of the largest cities in the world is often a subscription for the film director to shoot. Most cities have a role as himself though no doubt some film took on filming in London but camouflaged into other cities.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall (theguardian.com)

The iconic building Greenwich's Old Royal Naval College is the most buildings appear in Hollywood movies. But in The movie, The King's Speech and The Dark Knight Rises the building and the surrounding area is described as an area in Florence. Had also in the James Bond movie, featuring the London city landmark in the form of Big Ben appears in several scenes.


Monument Valley is a Navajo Nation Tribal Park that lies in the Western American right at the border between the States of Arizona and Utah. The Park is preserving the way of life of the Navajo tribe as well as having a unique natural landscape like on other planets. Barren Valley with towering cliffs formations makes this place into a subscription during the shooting of films that deal with life outside planet Earth.

one scene in Stagecoach (theguardian.com)

Monument Valley was first used as a filming location in 1939 in film Stagecoach direction of John Ford. After that a series of such films as The Searchers, Easy Rider, Thelma & Louise, Forrest Gump also ever recorded filming in the region. The most phenomenal film is a movie called Space Odyssey, released in 2001 in which the Director Stanley Kubrick managed to conjure up Monument Valley as the alien planet that looked so real.

That's the seventh filming locations with the ability to camouflage into other foreign places so touted as the best of the world and become a subscriber filming by many famous films
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