The Choice of Tourist Attraction in Leicester, The city of Premier League Champions.

A year ago Leicester city was little-known by people but after a football club from this city became champions of Premier League 2015-2016 season many people are curious to know what such a city and what sights they have?

Leicester City Football Club from the city of Leicester in the County Leicestershire steal the attention of the world in which after last year's hard-fought out of the relegation zone a year later transformed into the giant power to get rid of the dominance of the big four, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City in the English football scene. No doubt its success holds the title of the Premier League not only increase the prestige of the football club itself but also makes the hometown famous. Summarized from the site Visit Leicester, here are the following sites in Leicester City can be visited by the traveler.


Leicester actually is one of the modern cities in the UK. Also, the city is also known as a city of art, history, culture and bicycles. By that way, you can imagine there will be many exciting places that can be found in this city one of which is the National Space Centre.  This site serves as the museum is also used as a venue for educational tours like a planetarium.


National Space Centre is located in the east of the city of Birmingham and built as a partnership between the Space Research Centre of University of Leicester and Leicester City government. This place touted the best place to get to know astronomy even become the largest planetarium in the UK. National Space Centre has a unique building like a spiral with a statue of an astronaut floating in the yard. Many props related to outer space can be found in this building.


Leicester City keeps a long history regarding the powers of King Richard III who was once the ruler of the United Kingdom for two years. As reported from the sites Visit Leicester, the English king's ruled for two years before being killed in the battle of Bosworth in Leicester in 1485. From there then Leicester City is known as the final resting place of King Richard III.


The body of King Richard III had just discovered in 2013 ago in the parking lot of Leicester city council. England King's death marks the end of the dynasty known as the War of Roses and until the end of the Middle Ages. Although the skull of King Richard III recently discovered three years ago, the local government has established Dynasty Death and Discovery as a museum dedicated to the British rulers which a traveler can see the story and the history of his life in detail.


Traveling to the UK, recommendation on ​​shopping tours are always focused on the city of London. But do you know if Leicester city also becomes a pleasant shopping tourism? In the city symbolized by Fox logo that is not too big, there are 11 places to shop at the same time a fun place to hang out. Shopping centers and places to hang out can be found in the area of London Road, Narborough Road, and Church Gate.


In those places, many cafes lined, from souvenir center to other shopping centers. However, if You intended on a shopping tour in Leicester, we recommend choosing Leicester Market as the first choice. This is a traditional market of Leicester city and has long been a favorite shopping destination for Britons. Starting from daily necessities up to all sorts of gadgets can be found in this market. In a market that has been 700 years altogether was recorded as the biggest outdoor market in Europe is also the most popular location of the Easter celebration in the UK.


Leicester is a modern city that still emphasizes the comfort of its inhabitants. It is proven in its territory; there are about 130 parks and open spaces which are very convenient for recreation. Each park has a bike path that is located within the park; visitors can breathe fresh air free of pollution.


Besides the parks in the city of Leicester also designed with different characters, there is the theme of the historical ruins, flower gardens, sports grounds and breeding of wild animals and do not forget there is a playground. Of the many parks located in the city of Leicester, some of which the most popular are Knighton Park, Abbey Park, Aylestone Meadows, Beaumont Park, Hamilton Park and much more.


Do not forget to visit the museums in the city of Leicester. All museum in the city has a parent at Leicester City Museum, which has stood since 1849. Initially, the museum was only storing objects collection of literary works of local artists and scientific objects. For hundreds of years, the museum is growing rapidly with growing collection.


Currently, Leicester City Museum supervises of several other museums in the city such as New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Guildhall and Cathedral, Jewry Wall Museum and there are several others. The type of collection items is increasingly added including the collection of dinosaur fossils, the most favored by visitors.


In an effort to attract tourists, the city of Leicester have routinely held a music festival, arts festival and culture. It could be said that the city was almost held a festival and celebration of each month. Not just once but may be two, three and more festivals each month.


Can you imagine if a traveler on vacation in this city will be entertained with a lot of exciting celebration that makes every tourist will never be bored. For schedule and type of festivals held in the city of Leicester, a traveler can check by opening the page Visit Leicester.


The last place shall visit by traveler while in the city of Leicester is the King Power Stadium.  The football stadium at the same time is the headquarters of Leicester City Football Club, which recently celebrated a champion party for being Premier League champions this season.


The name of the stadium, which was inaugurated in 2002 and it was taken from the name of a company owned by Vichai Raksriaksorn. King Power Stadium has a seating capacity of 32,262 spectators. If we are lucky it is not likely, you'll run into some sort of football stars Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez or even a phenomenal coach Claudio Ranieri.

Those are some of the most popular tourist attraction in Leicester City can be visited by a traveler. Leicester city itself could be reached from the city of London with a trip for approximately one hour by train, East Midlands Trains. The size of the city is not too big, and if seen from the map, the city is located in the northern city of London.

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