How to Ride Bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko.

Hallo Buddy, I want to share a bit of information and experience about how to ride a bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko (Japan).

1. Retro / Omni Bus Pass worth 1,200 JPY for two days during at Kawaguchiko is not mandatory because you can buy in retail and will be cheaper with the proviso just visit one spot only. There is a photo that I posted about Red / Green Line route as well as its costs. For example, if you just want to head Ropeway at stop 11 red line, then the round-trip ticket is only worth 300 JPY for one person.

red/green line route

2. Shinjuku station seems to have a new building for the Bus Terminal, located on the 4th floor. This bus terminal newly opened April 4th, 2016 (Photos of the building that contained a woman passing by bike), its location on the other side of JR Shinjuku station (building with JR logo colored Green and text of Lumine2 in the photo).
the bus station

JR Shinjuku station

3. The price of round-trip tickets from Shinjuku Station to Kawaguchiko station is 3,500 JPY per person.
The Bus

4. If the weather is good and clear, Mount Fuji can be seen located behind Kawaguchiko station (building with the brown roof in the photo).
Shibara Sakura with Mount Fuji behind

5. Aokigahara or forest which is famous as a place for people committed suicide in Japan can be reached by using the Green line. Oddly, the photo file of road marker sign with the text of Aokigahara was lost after I check. Accidental? Who knows.

If there is incorrect information, please correct. May be useful for my friends who have plans to visit Kawaguchiko, Japan.
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