4 Enchanting Country Which Is Underestimated

Each year, more than 50 million international tourists who were traveling to France, USA and China. No wonder if the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Great Wall of China became a tourist destination that gets most world's attention. But behind all the awesomeness of that enchantment, then it appears the question: is there no other country that can be visited?

Apparently, there are many countries in different parts of the Earth are rarely 'touched' because of the charm is actually underestimated. Which country is and what kind of tours offered? Here are four of them:


The continent of Africa perhaps has a million choices of destinations that can attract tourists. But one of the charms of its very dear to miss is Mozambique. The islands in this country are so beautiful, even many who said it can compete with the Maldives.
Mozambique via wikimedia.org

Besides the beauty of its archipelago, Mozambique also saves safari travel in Limpopo River valley and surfing at the beach Tofo. For the fans of adrenaline boosters challenges, there are also swimming tourism with the whale sharks and stingrays in Bazaruto Islands. While for lovers of the beauty of the buildings and architecture of the colonial era, Mozambique also has ancient cities that full of historic landscapes.


Though surrounded by countries of tourists destination such as China and India, Bhutan is actually also has a charm that worth of visit. Located just east of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a country full of breathtaking scenery, including the view of mountain Gangkhar Puensum and the capital city of Thimpu (the only capital city in the world that does not have a traffic light).
Bhutan via flyertravelex.com

Not only regarding the scenery, but Bhutan is also touted as the happiest country in the world. It is measured by the level of environmental safety, protection of culture, the nobility of government, and other various benchmarks listed in GNH (Gross National Happiness). Unfortunately, traveled to Bhutan is not easy. A tourist must meet strict rules, including pay dues of $ 65 per day as the cost of education, health care, and public infrastructure of Bhutan.


Instead of traveling to the typical country such as Greece and Italy, travelers should also look into the state next door, Malta. Glimpses of the past, the food and wine are indeed tastes of Mediterranean countries of Italy, but this one is guaranteed to be cheaper and more accessible, plus the weather is always nice in all year round.
Malta via travelpulse.com

Malta tourism charm is the culinary, namely pastizzi and a local beer called Cisk. After the glut eating food, tourists can enjoy the beautiful of megalithic age temples that supposedly built in 5000-7000 BC!


Located just in the north of the United States, Canada is often 'neglected'. Though the country that has a flag illustrated with the maple leaf has a lot of charms which no less interesting from the land of Uncle Sam, as well as other countries.
Canada via red-leaf.com

The country that rumored only has an igloo and maple syrup, in fact, offers many challenges. In Vancouver, for example, tourists could play ice-skating on the mountain and surfing at the beach. For tourists who are fond of nature adventure, Algonquin Park in Central Ontario, as well as the National Park of Gros Morne and Terra Nova, Newfoundland is a suitable place for camping.

In addition to these countries, it is certainly there are many other countries that not less interesting to visit. Forget about France, USA, China, and the countries that tourism charms are only typical. Indeed, all countries in the five continents and the seven oceans of the world has its own charms inappropriate underestimated.
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