Long Transit And Thin Budget? Let Stay Overnight In The Airport!

Are you in long transit but have thin Budget for the Hotel? Let stay overnight in the airport!

When traveling abroad, you are often required to transit in a country before it arrives at its destination. If transit only takes a few hours, would not be a problem because it can be used for a brief rest. You also can get a bit around the country of transit, especially if provided transit tour as in Changi Airport, Singapore.

But what if you have to transit for a very long time, say it more than 15 hours? Inevitably you would have to spend the night in the country before continuing the journey. This condition usually occurs when there is something unexpected for example bad weather or a plane crash that caused the disruption of air travel service. If you experience this and do not have enough budget to stay at the hotel, stay overnight at the airport could be the best option. This is the tricks!


Some airports do not allow you to spend the night, so the first thing to check in advance to local policy. If it has been confirmed that There is no problem staying overnight, the next thing to consider is safety. Make sure you choose a place to sleep not far from the information center and close to the security officer.
watch your safety n comfort (nytimes.com)

As well choose a location close to WiFi, bathrooms and restaurants. So whenever your feel hungry or want to go to the toilet, you do not need to leave luggage too long. Be careful not to spend the night around others they might be not a traveler, but homeless.


Many cases of theft befall foreign tourists in the country, not an exception when you're at the airport. To avoid this, break down your luggage and make one all the valuable objects. Put important documents such as identity cards, passports, and visas in a bag that is always attached to your body. Please also include credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and cell phones.
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For other valuables that are larger in sizes such as a laptop or camera, insert it into a special bag and make sure it is always near you. During the night sleep, hug the bag and position of the zipper facing your body. If not possible, place the zipper bag to the wall or floor which will make it difficult for other people to open it.


Remember, you're not in a hotel room, and it's not on vacation. Unexpected transit and had to stay overnight at the airport is an emergency situation, so you need to be more humble, especially for airport personnel. Do not act as though you are a tourist that must be respected and fulfilled all his wishes.
keep your attitude (sleepinginairports.net)

Avoid doing things that could disturb public order such as drying clothes in the waiting room chairs, cooking in one corner of the airport with a gas stove, or lie in any place when the rush hour the airport. Also, avoid using airport facilities, such as the bathroom, for a period that is too long.
It is not fun during the holidays have to be bothered with unexpected transit, especially if you only have a tight budget. But as long as you want to play the brain, many ways you can do to survive!

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