The lagoon at sea? Instead, the lagoon is in the desert!

If there was a lagoon generally at sea then another case with existing lagoons in the country of Brazil. This lagoon is on the ground, even more astonishing that the location is in the middle of the barren desert. Wow!

In general, the lagoon is defined as a collection of salt water separate from the Ocean since blocked by sand, rock and so on. But this definition does not apply to the lagoon in Brazil since the formation of the lagoons, and the location of its existence at all does not represent the definition of the lagoon itself.
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This is the Lencois Maranhenses, desert and also National Park, which is located in the East of Baia Sao Jose Bay, the State of Maranhao, Brazil. As reported from a variety of sources, this desert is believed to have been formed for thousands of years as a result of sand sediment from the bottom of streams which are carried by the wind. The desert itself is situated near the river of Preguicas and the Amazon rainforest and occupying the area of 1500 square km.
lagoon in the middle of desert (instagram @lencoismaranhenses)

As the rainy season which lasts from July to September, the desert basins will be filled with water and create the beautiful lagoon. At that time, Lencois Maranhenses region will be visited many tourists from home and abroad. The temporary lagoon is indeed capable of luring tourists with its beauty.
the lagoon only appear in rainy season (instagram @lencoismaranhenses)

The amount of the Lagoon is very much, as much as the existing basin in the desert. So the traveler doesn't have to scramble the pool because they can choose their own private pool. The lagoon water is very clear; even that makes strange is the presence of the fish in this pond. The fishes are carried by birds from the river that carry fish eggs and hatch in the lagoon.

Brazil soon will be entering the rainy season; a traveler could insert Lencois Maranhenses into the bucket list. Then how do I visit this place? Here's how a traveler can do start from the city of Fortaleza to the city of Sao Luis using the aircraft. After that, continue by bus to the town of Barreinhas which will take approximately 3 hours. Have fun guys!
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