World's Largest Laundry Is In India!

World's Largest Laundry Is In India!

For most busy people choose to utilize the services of laundry to wash clothes. This method is considered the most simple and a lot of help, especially for the affairs of washing your dirty clothes. Many laundry services are found in large urban areas, but do you know if the largest laundry is in India?

Dhobi Ghat is a place in Mumbai, India, which provides washing services. Because the frills of the biggest laundry article titles then you, guys, do not imagine this is a company in the field of washing services with large and modern machines. Because what will you see this is a region of traditional washing on the banks of the Ganges.

Yep, Dhobi Ghat is a place that provides cleaning services in the traditional way that is washed in open storage tanks made of red brick walls. How to wash was done by the brush, dub, and slam. Almost all the people in the region depend on the activity of this wash that while there will be thousands of people who were washing clothes.

Ever watch the movie, "Slumdog Millionaire"? A film that lifts India seedy side by side with luxury buildings demonstrate the social inequalities that are so obvious in the country. Similarly, the Dhobi Ghat, the area that became laundry area in the form of a slum with a background story of the magnificent building.

Every day residents in the area washing thousands of pieces of clothing they collected from various areas in Mumbai. So if you use the services of the laundry likely that you send clothes to be washed at this point. Besides Dhobi Ghat also has a long history as well as a pioneer of the laundry business in the world that has existed since 1748.

It turned out that in addition to being a traditional laundry area, Dhobi Ghat is also one purpose of traveling tourists. Those who want to know the activities of citizens and the washing process in the region comes to stay there a way down the river Ganges by boat. Activity there has been started since early morning. Wow!

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