8 Deadliest Tourist Destinations in The World - Part 2

Behind all the beauty of the cliffs, the sea, or city tour, it turns out that many of the dangers that threaten the safety of lives at tourist attractions. The holidays often intended as entertainment thus culminate in death.

Well, where is tourist attractions which keep the danger behind all his charm? Completing what has already been mentioned in the first part, here is part two of the eight Deadliest Tourist Destinations in The World:

Cliff of Moher, Ireland

It has views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Cliff of Moher indeed became one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Ireland. Unfortunately, this beauty scenic should be tainted with a deadly circle enclosing them. As a marker of how lethal Cliff of Moher, lots of warning ' stay off the walls ' mounted on the stone walls.

Death circle enclosing Cliff of Moher also includes brunt of winds, storms, and landslides that could happen anytime. In 2006, a woman had to stretch the life because buffeted by strong winds while walking around on the top of the cliff. While in 2007, there was a case of suicide when a mother 26 years took her son who was four-year-old to jump from a height of 180 meters.

Caminito del Rey, Spain

How deadly Caminito del Rey has indeed been famous, especially after the King of Spain Alfonso XIII died while traversing this route. The passable roads itself is only made of wood one meter in width, transverse between the abyss as high as 100 meters.

Even though technically has been closed to the public, and has taken five victims again in 1999-2000, many travelers from around the world who are willing to queue to cross this dangerous route.

Praia de Boa Viagem, Brazil

Spacious and sandy beaches, the sunny and warm weather, fantastic sunset views, everything, is indeed made of Praia de Boa Viagem as a perfect tourist destination. But behind all that perfection, Brazil's featured beach is also saving the death that could have claimed lives. Not other because of the presence of sharks.

Since 1992-2002, there has been 56 reported shark attack in Praia de Boa Viagem. One-third of these attacks has resulted in deaths. Perhaps it is still less than the shark attack in Australia, but the predators that lived in Praia de Boa Viagem is the bull shark, the type of shark that is fond of looking for ' the snack ' in the shallow waters. Inevitably many of the swimmer and surfer who become victims.

Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco can be a synonym for the most picturesque tourist destinations, luxury, and easily accessible in Mexico. Unfortunately, the beach and the city built for the purpose of this tour should be tainted with evil criminal 30 times more in comparison to other American countries.

As a report in 2013, there were 200 murder cases recorded only in January and February. Still in the same year, there were also cases of rape against six women travelers. Responding to the local mayor, thus giving the statement ' it happens anywhere in the world,' so that the security and comfort of traveling in Acapulco increasingly questioned.

The four models above could certainly be the record that as beautiful as any tourist destinations, it turns out that many of the dangers that are stored in it. That is why to comply with rules set and keep yourself required by every traveler.
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