Pokemon GO! Fun Ways To Play And Travel At The Same Time!

Recently, the games Pokemon Go is indeed talked more by people. In this game, the players aka Pokemon trainers trying to catch a Pokemon that can be captured using a smartphone.

Uniquely, this game-based virtual reality. This means that you can catch Pokemon, fight in Pokemon Gym, and others in the real world. So, you have to walk around, and your virtual avatar will also join the move following every move you make. In certain places around you, you will find the Pokemon and others.

Well, before you try to play Pokemon Go, read the following his tips first, Yes!

1. How do I play Pokemon GO?

When finished create avatars and choose the first Pokemon, it's time for you to walk around to the other Pokemon. You will see a map on your smartphone that is appropriate to the circumstances around you. Well, on this map also you would see local landmarks that serve as Poke Stop or Poke Gym. When walking, you will also feel your smartphone vibrate, which means there is Pokemon near you.

Tap the Pokemon to catch it by throwing a Poke Ball. But do not immediately thrown away, wait until the circle around Pokemon shrink and turn green. Then throwing the Poke Ball. When the circle around the Pokemon turn green, you can catch it, if yellow, you might have a chance. Meanwhile, if it is red, it means you need a stronger Poke Ball.

2. How do I make my Pokemon Evolving?

In the Pokemon Go, the evolution of the Pokemon does not occur or level up after the battle. Instead, you have to catch a lot of the same Pokemon, and they would drop Candy and Stardust. Two of these items are used so that your Pokemon can evolve.

You can also send the Pokemon that you don't want to the Professor to get one Candy. But you'll never be able to get that version back. But, some particular Candy just can only serve only certain Pokemon though can still be used to raise the level of any Pokemon in the evolutionary chain.

3. What do I need to play Pokemon Go?

In addition to Smartphones, which apparently you would need to prepare Powerbank or battery backup. Because this game required a GPS feature that should always be in a state of active. This means that your battery will be quickly drained and exhausted.

You can get around this by turning off an AR feature a.k.a. Augmented Reality. This feature is just a mere gimmick and sometimes even troublesome players. You must set the layout of a smartphone correctly so that your throw actually hit a target if this feature is turned on.

4. Where is a suitable place for looking Pokemon?

Pokemon could appear anywhere around you. But usually, the region with specific geographic trait have a particular type of pokemon, and some are more difficult to find than others.

Don't be sad if you continuously get the same types of Pokemon. Try to continue to get around or maybe walk through the river. Because it can be, you will find a water type Pokemon. Or if you wait till the night comes, you may discover Fairy-type Pokemon.

5. The fun way to Play Pokemon

With this cool game, you can even play while traveling to the cold place. For example, you can try all the vacation to the beach. Because it is likely, you can find Water-type Pokemon in there. Who knows, you can also get a rare Pokemon types?

That's the tips on how to play Pokemon. Ready to travel while playing Pokemon Go?
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