Countries Wanna-be In Europe - Part 2

Completing Galicia, Aland Island, Faroe Islands, and Corsica in the first part, the following is the second part of the list of countries wanna-be in Europe, particularly in Italy and Moldova:


With the narrow alleyways, scooters parked on the roadside, and the smell of cooking is poking into the street; Sardinia is naturally very thick with typical Italian atmosphere. But according to a poll conducted by the University of Cagliari and Edinburgh in 2014, 87% of Sardinia just want more autonomy, while the rest want independence from Italy.

The problem is, this poll is thus inversely proportional to an official election in the same year. The pro-sovereignty party only obtained 18% of the total vote. Online referendum immediately implemented, and the more recent separatist movement is wanting Sardinia apart from Italy to join Switzerland. Italy + Sardinia = end! Switzerland + Sardinia = (Fri)end! Really?


Located between Romania and Ukraine, slipping a small country called Moldova. Since 1990, in a region that only 10% of Moldova's tucked into a wanna-be country whose name even a 'longer' than its territory, namely Pridnestorvskava Moldavskava Respublika-or merely the Transdniestria.

Starting from the disagreement of the Russian-speaking minority population to join Moldova that majority is speaking Romanian, Transdniestria carried its own de facto state in 1992. Although it has had a constitution, flag, anthem, government, parliament, currency, and the military itself, only one less than the Transdniestra is the recognition of international.

South Tyrol

Stone mountain peaks are rising out of verdant hills; that's presumably the view can be obtained of the tourists in Tyrol. But, the mountainous region of this one also has the ' other ' view on the surrounding the status of wanna-be. Tyrol itself is split merely into the realm of Austria and Italy, where the southern part of Tyrol (South Tyrol) has a majority population speaking in Germany.

Under the control of famous fascist, Benito Mussolini, South Tyrol trying to be annexed into the realm of Italy. Instead, the capture of this spur local spirit, including a series of bombings raised the South Tyrolean Liberation Committee in the 1960s. Currently, South Tyrol has an autonomous Government, with several options such as reunited with Austria or forming the interim Free State of South Tyrol.


Who would have thought a tourist destination sorts of Venice - famous for gondolas, river, and its romance, - also want to part of Italy. Approximately 2,000,000 residents Veneto, with its capital in Venice, took part in an online referendum that was held in 2014. The results were surprising. A total of 89% of voters chose to secede from Italy.

The local community has self-conscious that Veneto is one of the wealthiest regions in Italy. But the taxes they paid to the government just does not have reciprocal to Veneto, instead channeled to the most impoverished areas of southern Italy. That is why residents of Veneto initiated a referendum. The Italian Government itself confirms this referendum will be ignored, given the absence of an official institution related, so vulnerable to manipulation.

With its natural beauty and its status are always ' prone,' the four areas above is very worthy to be used as an alternative tourist destination, in addition to Paris or Rome, for example. Finally, Have a good holiday and see you!

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