Countries Wanna-be In European - Part 1

No less attractive, countries wanna-be also offer charming views, here is the first part of the list of countries wanna-be in Spain, Finland, Denmark, and Italy:


Offering the beauty of the beach with views of the city on the hills opposite, Galicia is a country wanna-be in northwestern Spain. In fact, this one's autonomous region already has long believed themselves as ethnically distinct Nations with Spain, while the Government of Spain thus recognizes that otherness as part of the history.

If you look at the political moment Galicia, it will be met nationalist and separatist parties such as Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG) and Alternativa Galega de Esquerda (AGE). BNG continues to pursue independence Galicia became the new republic in the European Union, whereas AGE has won 14% of the vote in the regional elections in 2012. Probably no longer need a separate visa for a trip to Galicia.

Alan Islands

Composed of a series of small islands in the Baltic Sea, the Aland Islands is an autonomous region that is still under the auspices of the Finnish government. The islands were inhabited by about 28,000 residents, only 0.5% of the total population of Finland, has its own parliament were able to limit the power or the policy of the central government against him.

In addition to nautical charm and an independent Government, Aland Island also has its own stamps and police. In fact, the islander here could have a passport that is different from the population of Finland. The only thing that should be noted by the tourists before leaving for Aland Island is about language. Despite the entry into the territory of Finland, a local islander thus making Sweden language as the only official language.

Faroe Islands

No one denies that the Faroe Islands has 18 Most beautiful islands in the North Atlantic in beauty. Located between Scotland and Iceland, this magical island became a separate state under the leadership of the kingdom of Denmark. Nevertheless, the status of the wanna-be area to this one lasts quite complicated.

Since the end of World War II, the Faroe Islands, in fact, have had referendums for independence. The thing is, this referendum hastily denied by the Parliament of Denmark, while the Prime Minister of Denmark thus supports the independence of the Faroe Islands. As if adding the strange issue, King Denmark, in fact, annul the referendum only two days later. Until 2001, the Faroe Islands was still upset by its status, waiting for the right time to become independent while relying on financial assistance from Denmark.


Behind all the charm of its rocky hill town, Corsica turned out to have its own story about the status of the country wanna-be. Despite hundreds of years of being part of France, the local population thus reluctantly called the ' French ' or ' Italian .' They'd rather be called according to the place where they live: 'Corsican.'

About 14 years as a Republic since the proclamation of independence in the 18th century, Corsica thus fell into the hands of France in 1769. Since then various separatist movements continue to emerge, including the National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) who did the bombing, robbery, extortion, and burning. In recent decades, Corsica started getting broader autonomy from the Government of France, as well as support for preserving the language of Corsica.

Although the four areas mentioned above seem trivial and can not be called a state, its charm and uniqueness are precious to be missed by any tourist.
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