Unique, Gaza Tunnels in the Former of Conflict Area Now Made Into Tourist Attractions

Attraction is not solely limited to natural beauty just like mountains, beaches or desert, as well as unique phenomena such as the immortal fire pit called the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. There are also man-made attractions such as place of recreation as well as tours and cultural history.

Well, that is not less interesting, there is also a tourist attraction that was once a silent witness to a major incident, such as a natural disaster or war. In Israel, there is an underground tunnel, a witness of the war which provided the sights. Hmm, what kind of uniqueness? Consider the following information:

1. The tunnel is the witness of Operation Protective Edge

Operation Protective Edge (pakistankakhudahafiz)
Operation Protective Edge or also called with Miv'tza Tzuk Eitan in Hebrew was a military operation carried out by Israel on July 8, 2014, in Gaza. The military operation was carried out to protect civilians from rocket attacks that were launched to destroy cities and buildings in Israel. This military operation itself lasted for 7 weeks and ended on 26 August 2014.

The enemy also targets for invasion in Gaza and want to destroy the system of underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip. During this operation, launched countless rocket and mortar, up to 4,564 numbered pieces which largely destroyed the unoccupied land in Gaza.

2. The condition of the tunnel is still intact and good enough

Gaza tunnel (facebook)
After a conflict ended in 2014, the condition of the tunnels used by Hamas to defend itself is still pretty good. Although many of the victims died from Operation Protective Edge and many buildings were destroyed, but the tunnel itself is still sturdy and can be used for travel or protect themselves.

In a video uploaded to Facebook Page Daily Mail, indicated that the condition of the tunnel is still good enough. Moreover, after the conflict ended, the tunnel's was cleaned and given adequate light so that it can be accessed.

3. Hamas making Gaza Tunnel as a tourist attraction

Tourist in Gaza tunnel (israelnonstop)
If it were once underground tunnels like this was kept secret, now Hamas thus opening it to the public. Yes, the tunnel opened for local tourists who want to know what sort of hiding locations as well as smuggling weapons that Hamas used during times of conflict.

Making underground tunnel as a tourist attraction is actually a part of the program that created by Hamas to give education to civilians about warfare and weaponry. Hamas also organized a summer camp for the kids and let them explore through the underground tunnels of Gaza.

4. The unique thing from the underground tunnel of Gaza

Hamas terror tunnel (israelbreakingnews)
Do not imagine this underground tunnel was dark, sultry, and creepy. The tunnel has been transformed in such a way and given an adequate light so comfortable enough to be passed over. In fact, inside the tunnel, precisely along the walls,  mounted photographs of Hamas fighters were mostly killed in the conflict that occurred two years ago.

The tunnel at the same time become witness to the history and unique tours for locals. Haven't explained whether foreign tourists are also allowed to visit this new tourist attraction. But clearly, At this time Hamas still focus on local programs to attract the enthusiasm of the children.

5. Similar tourist attraction in Vietnam

Chu Chi Tunnel (planetden)
Also, to go to Israel for a taste of travel in the tunnel of war, Asian countries such as Vietnam also have similar attractions like the one in the village of Chu Chi. In the village, there is an underground tunnel that bears witness to the struggle of the Vietcong in the fight against American soldiers in a battle that lasted from 1959 to 1975.

The tunnel became a witness of the dark history of the struggle of the Vietnamese, and also give a melancholy story of the many civilians were becoming the victims of the war. Now the tunnel is opened to the public including for foreign tourists, and many residents who switched professions to become a tour guide. This location became one of the main attraction of Chu Chi Village, which has always been a tourist destination while visiting there.

It is always interesting to explore historic buildings and knowing the story behind it. In your own area, are there also remnants of war building that now used as a tourist attraction?
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