Art installations: The Floating Dock Which Is Cool in Italy

Art installations: the floating dock which is cool in Italy

Who would have thought if the pier typically places on the beach, this one was constructed on a lake. The construction was also somewhat anti-mainstream, not made of cast concrete or wooden pier but floating dock. The cool pier just exists in Italy.

As reported by CNN website, this floating dock is located on Lake Iseo, Italy. The lake itself is a very famous tourist attraction, especially in the summer. On that Lake then built a very long floating dock with gold color gold that attracted many tourist attention.
Floating docks that were on the Iseo Lake was initiated by a duo artist named Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Not to be used commercially, the pier was created as a temporary art installation. During the dock has not been disassembled tourists could get past it as if it were walking on water.
The materials used to make the floating dock in the form of polystyrene. Its position extends above the Lake and connects the two islands with the main island. As it known that Lake Iseo has a small island in the Center. The small island is uninhabited; however there is a House on the edge.

The existence of this floating pier suddenly make many travelers curious to come and visit. According to the plan,  the floating dock will be on Lake Iseo from 18 June to 3 July 2016. In the five-day of earliest opening recorded no less than 270 thousand tourists came across the pier.
Of course, the traveler will not only feel the sensation of walking on water but can also enjoy an excellent view of the Lake with a small island as well as the siege of the mountains around the Lake. Moreover to get through the dock which was none other than the art installation does not cost a penny.

The floating pier on the Iseo Lake was open every day from 6 a.m. to midnight local time. While the middle of the night until 6 the next morning used to clean docks and do repairs. Repair of the dock performed daily due to the immense number of visitors who come every day.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude also said the next time the pier dismantled, the materials used will not be thrown away as garbage, but will be recycled to be something new.
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