Ningwu Cave, An Ice Cave in China That Frozen in Eternal

Ice caves are generally formed in the area near the poles like Iceland. But it turned out to countries in Asia also had an ice cave that never melts even though summer arrives. The ice cave named Ningwu Cave and is in China!

Ningwu cave is a cave of ice located in the mountains Luyashan, Ningwu, Shanxi Province, China. According to a source who obtained Travelingyuk from the BBC, this cave never melts even though the country is experiencing summer.

Ningwu Cave has 5 levels of space with a maximum depth reaches 85 meters. Each room is covered by a thick ice that seems eternal freeze. Inside the cave, a traveler could see the glittering stalactites and stalagmites made of ice.

No matter how much the temperature outside the cave during the summer, the temperature inside Ningwu Cave has remained steady near zero degrees. This phenomenon makes many people wonder though until now there have been no scientific studies that answer with certainty that many people's curiosity.

One of the theories explaining the permafrost in this cave is its position in the mountains with a height of over 2,000 meters above sea level and shape of the cave that resembles a bowling pin claimed to be the cool temperatures trapped in the cave.
Ningwu Cave claimed as the largest ice caves in China that never melts. This cave every year receive tourist visits at certain times from May to October. When the traveler can explore the cave at multiple levels of space and watch the beauty of the cave walls are made of ice.

The appearance of the inside of the cave looks the more exotic with the aid of colorful light. According to the organizer, in the everyday visit, Ningwu Cave can be visited by more than 1000 people. Regular visitors are advised to be extra cautious because the cave is made of ice with a slippery coating.
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