Unique Things From Morocco, Goats That Have The Skill To Climb Trees!

A unique phenomenon can make a traveler shaking their head while visiting a region in Morocco. Here not only the monkeys are good at climbing trees, but skilled goat also can do it. So do not be surprised if in the top of the tree saw many goats that are eager to eat the leaves.

Goats are generally not created with a skill to climb trees like a monkey. But there is a difference with the goats in Morocco; they are very wily climbing the trees for foraging. Don't believe? Just look at the photos and videos that are at the bottom of this article. Well, how did it happen?
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Reported from a variety of sources, the phenomenon of the goats can climb it can be explained scientifically. It is commonplace that goats in Morocco are good at climbing trees, not just any trees but they climb tree named Argan.

Argan or Argania tree is a typical plant in the desert. The shape of the tree which has the scientific name  'Argania Spinosa' is mediocre, had a thorny stem, branches are grooved and small leaves typical desert plants.
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The interesting thing is that the Argan tree is highly favored by goats. These herbivores are very like with the fruit produced by the tree. The fruit is pea-sized shaped 2-4 cm in diameter with a sweet aroma.

To get these favorite fruit then the goats in Morocco seemed to issue a latent ability to able to climb the tree that is not the nature of the animal.

The goats were miraculously not just climb on low branch alone, but they can keep the balance up to the shoot branching. This views commonly seen on Argan fruiting season amounting to about July. Due to its ability then the goat breeders use it to help harvest the fruit of the Argan.

For humans, the Argan fruit can be used to make the oil which is very expensive. This fruit also can be processed into cosmetics that are marketed to the foreign country. The process, the goats will eat the fruit of Argan, then shit that remained intact argan seed will be processed into oil and cosmetics. It is cool, isn't it?

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