5 Famous Museums In Europe That Had A Collection Of Islamic History

Islam has experienced the heyday marked by its spread to the European continent. Evidence of the history of Islam never existed and thrived in the blue continent can still be seen from the relics of buildings in various countries. Besides objects nuances of Islam can also be found in some of the major museums in Europe.

Probably not many conscious travelers who are currently visiting some famous museums in Europe turns in it keeps a collection of historical objects that are related to the development of Islam in the past in the country concerned. Let not missed, the following list of museums that have collections of objects nuances of Islam in Europe.

1. The Louvre Museum, France

Millions of people every year visit the Louvre Museum, the most famous museum in France. Most of them are curious about the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Davinci that is so famous. But few are aware that the museum also keeps many other art objects including objects that are loaded with the value of the history of Islam in France and Europe.

The Louvre Museum has several rooms, and visitors can find relics of the Islamic Kingdom era in the Department of Decorative Arts. The collection of Islamic history are owned by Louvre Museum since 1893 but has only exhibited in the room after 39 years later. The collection of Islamic history at the museum in the form of work of architecture, stones, works of art in ivory, ceramics, textiles, carpets, manuscripts and other objects originating from the 7th century to the early 19th century.

2. British Museum, England

Turning to the UK, the famous museum also keeps a collection of Islam is the British Museum. Precisely in space 34, visitors can find a variety of exhibitions of the history of Islamic beliefs, art, calligraphy and Islamic Science. Other objects such as mosque lamps, ceramics and calligraphy are also exhibited in this room. These objects come from the people who lived in countries with a strong presence of Islam.

British Museum itself is a museum which is quite popular in the UK. This museum houses various collections of historical objects, works of art, and culture from different countries around the world including collections of Islamic history. The museum is located in Great Russell St, London, open every day except on Christmas Day around 24 to 26 December and the new year. The good thing you can visit without spending a dime in this museum.

3. Berlin State Museum, Germany

A traveler who likes viewing football would never ask why so many members of the German national team who are Muslims? It turns out they were mostly non-native residents of German descent but immigrants from other countries who have a majority Muslim population. While Germany is known as one of the countries in Europe are very tolerant of religious differences, the proof: this country some time ago is the most vocal calling to accept immigrants from Syria.

If a traveler wants to see a collection of the history of Islam in Germany one of the must-see places are the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. The Museum had an exhibition zone of Islamic history called Museum fur Islamische Kunts. Objects on display include archaeological finds, cultural artifacts, and works of art are very thick with Islamic culture. The objects found and collected from various areas such as the Mediterranean, Spain, Middle East, and Asia.

4. The David Collection, Denmark

Next Museum is the city of Copenhagen, Denmark and was famous as a museum which houses the largest collection of Islam in Northern Europe. The David Collection, an art museum that is quite famous. This special museum store objets d'art collection is just so in the form of Islamic heritage is also not far from objects such as ceramics and textiles.

The objects that are in The David Collection is obtained from many countries in the Middle East, India, Spain and some other countries that have a history of Islam. Age objects, the collection ranges from the 7th century until the 19th. Just come to the museum if you are curious with the nuances of Islam. The Museum is open every day except Sunday from 10:00 local time. Visitors are free while visiting there. It is good, isn't it?

5. Benaki Museum, Greece

Greece is known as the land of the gods did have a history also of the development of Islam in the region. Islamic relics can be found at Benaki Museum. The museum is located in the city of Athens with its collection artworks Greece from time to time.

Benaki Museum also has a special space that which exhibits the history of Islam. In the room called Islamic art can be found Islamic objects from India, Persia, Middle East, Africa and Asia. About 8 thousand artworks display in this museum includes objects such as ceramics, gold, glass and door sculpture comes from Mesopotamia in the 8th century. The museum is only open on Thursday through Saturday only, so be sure to record the operational schedule if you want to visit.

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