The Magic Ball Valley in Kazakhstan

Unique and magic natural scenery can be found by a traveler during the holidays to Kazakhstan. The view in the form of a valley contains a jumble of stone that is round like a ball. The size varies from the size of an egg to the car. When seen the region's more like not on earth.

Kazakhstan is a country that was once part of the Soviet Union before it broke away in 1991. Geographically, the country that just 25 years old is included in the Central Asian region and bordering with the countries like Russia, China, and Uzbekistan.

Compared with other countries in the Asian region, Kazakhstan is not a popular traveling destination. But this state saves natural resources which is fairly magical. Torysh is also known as The Valley of Balls, the area of the Valley full of rocks shaped like a moon ball.

Valley that holds this miraculous phenomenon is in a secluded location near the town of Shetpe in western Kazakhstan. In this valley, there is a lot of scattering of stones in various sizes that are round like a ball.

Balls of stone in Torysh Countless stretches across the valley to the arid conditions. A traveler could find a stone ball of the size of eggs to the most similar to the size of the car. So how rocks in the valley could be a round shaped like that?

The researchers found the stone balls are formed by the same process as other stone that is through the process of sedimentation and weathering. But weathering that occurs must be very special considering all the stones which there can be a uniform shape like the moon-round ball.

One thing is for sure research is still being conducted to unravel the mystery of the stone ball in Torysh, Kazakhstan. It is estimated that these unique stones have been there since millions of years ago. For the curious traveler who want to see directly can contact the tour operator Silk Road Adventures who had a vacation package to The Valley of Balls.

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