Miracles in Yemen, A Palace on the Top of Stone Hill

The palace synonymous with large and green gardens and surrounded by lush trees. Unfortunately, not all castles like that, in Yemen, a palace built on a barren rock. But that is the allure that makes the tourists curious to visit and sees it immediately.

From the information gathered from various sources, the unique Palace on the top of the rock is called Dar Al Hajar. The Palace also became an icon of the country Yemen is located in the valley of Wadi Dhahr, which is about 15 kilometers from the capital Sanaa.
The Palace of Dar Al Hajar was built by the Islamic spiritual figure named Yahya Muhammad Hamiddin in 1930. At that time the building was used as a summer home. Its location is very fitting because it was near the oasis that is quite comfortable liveable as summer house that famously very dry in the desert.
The palace buildings adopt Yemen architecture. Consisting of five floors, divided into several rooms such as the kitchen, the room to the barn. A traveler can enter into a unique palace which has now been converted into a museum.

Imam Yahya was the only one who inhabited the Palace of Dar Al Hajar for approximately 18 years. Because in 1948, a disaster befell him. He was killed in his own house, since then the castle on the rock was taken over by the government and carried out renovations.
Although entrance to the palace was a pleasant experience but an authentic form of this palace can only be enjoyed from the outside. From there the traveler can capture every corner of the Palace which is worth the high aesthetics.

Even more interesting every visit to the palace of Dar Al Hajar is free of charge. So tourists are free to visit the magnificent palace without spending a dime. Are you interested in visiting?

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