Awesome, 8 Places Where the Sun Could Shine 24 Hours

Still, remember the geography lesson by stating that the position of the Earth in evolved not always upright? The fact that Earth indeed is in a position which is slightly slanted, in summer the magnetic field of the Earth at the North Pole would be leaning towards the Sun. This then creates the effect of the midnight sun, or the Sun continues to shine despite the fact that the night has been dissolved.

There are eight unique places in the world to experience the phenomenon of the midnight sun. They are generally located in the northern area of the Earth. In fact the phenomenon of midnight sun not less attractive to look at in addition to Aurora. If you are planning a vacation to the northernmost regions of the world, try to visit this eight magical place.

1. Hammerfest, Norway

Norway is not only exciting destinations to see the beautiful aurora. Here, too, the summer will take a rare phenomenon that can not be found in other countries. It is the midnight sun, a state where the sun does not really sink even though time had dissolved.

One of the cities in Norway, who experienced the events of the midnight sun, is Hammerfest. It is located on the far north end of the Earth and will experience the midnight sun in May until the end of July. When that happens, a traveler can go to sea cruise to enjoy the beauty of the midnight sun from the middle of the sea. Imagine the sensation cruise at night, but the sun still shines.

2. Svalbard, Norway

Still, in Norway, another place to watch the midnight sun is Svalbard. The city is directly adjacent to the Arctic Ocean. From there the traveler can witness this magical natural phenomenon while being in the wild. As well as the video below that recorded a traveler, that time show at 11 pm but the sun is still shining.

There are two ways to enjoy the midnight sun in the city. First, you do a flight to the city of Longyearbyen, or the most fun is to join a cruise using cruise North Pole. During the cruise, You do not only see the midnight sun as a treat, but you can also take pictures of polar bears, polar wolves, reindeer to whales and seals.

3. Ilulissat, Greenland

The next place to see the midnight sun sightings in the town of Ilulissat. A town in West Greenland, which have the phenomenon of the midnight sun, shines very short. Unlike cities in Norway were experiencing up to three months of summer, here the summer only lasts a short time.

In that brief moment, a traveler could use the time to cruise and watch the midnight sun. The visited spot of this yacht is the sea area around icebergs and melting glaciers so that the white color of the iceberg makes the landscape more perfectly combined with orange sunshine which watering the entire surface of the earth.

4. Lapland, Sweden

Have You ever done hiking at midnight? This activity is not possible to do in the middle of the wild Amazon jungle, but can you do in Sweden, in the city of Lapland. Curious how the city has friendly hiking spots that can be crawled at night? Here's the story.

Lapland is the destination for the traveler who wants to see the aurora borealis is very charming. On the other hand, as the summer progresses, the city became the aim of seeing the midnight sun, or we know the term midnight sun. This rare phenomenon usually takes place in June; that's when a traveler is on holiday in Lapland will do hiking midnight to Abisko National Park, along with the slopes of mountains Lapporten. There, you can catch the stunning beauty of the sun shining.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a country that has a breathtaking landscape. There are many volcanoes, and hot springs are used as a place of relaxation crowded world traveler. One of the most famous places in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon, the Lagoon is very spacious with blue water and used as a dip.

But if you come in June when to coincide with the Summer Solstice Festival, where people will be dressed in Viking clothes and danced, singing for days then the same time you can find the phenomenon of the midnight sun. Come to a small island called Grimsey located in the Arctic Circle to see this magical natural phenomenon.

6. the Inuvik, Canada

In the video below, a traveler explained that she was found the phenomenon of the midnight sun in the Inuvik, Canada. In his explanation to in YouTube account, he recorded that event when the time shows at 00:15 local time and the world still looks bright with the sun shining.

Inuvik is a city in Canada that has a rare natural phenomenon in the form of the midnight sun. This is due to the geographical location of the city is very close to the Arctic circle. Even in this city always held regularly Midnight Sun Fun Run and the Great Northern Arts Festival. Both events were held in June and July.

7. Fairbanks, Alaska

Apart from the town of Inuvik in Canada, other cities that also have annual events to celebrate the phenomenon of the midnight sun is the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. The event entitled the Midnight Sun Run takes place at midnight. Like a video uploaded on 21 June 2015, as much as 3,000 participants participated in the celebration of the midnight run in the city.

Summer in Fairbanks did not last long, meaning that they residing in this city only briefly could see the emergence of the Sun. Two major attractions could be followed by a traveler at the end of June, following the Midnight Sun Festival and also the Midnight Sun Baseball activities that have been held since 1906.

8. Murmansk, Russia

Russia also has a town that gets sunlight 24 hours during the summer. The city is Murmansk, a city located in the Arctic Circle. Just like the previous cities, when the midnight sun lasts, city residents will hold a festive party.

Midnight sun in the city of Murmansk took place in June and July. The most colorful feast in the city named Ivan Kupala Day, a traditional celebration ritual contains children jump over the fireworks as a sign they have grown up.
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