5 Areas In Japan That Does Not Deserve To Be Tourist Destinations

Japan is a country that is famous for its culture, technology and the hospitality of its inhabitants. A lot of things you can encounter if visiting the Country of the rising sun.

Although said to be hospitable to strangers, but there are a few areas in Japan are recommended not to be used as tourist destinations, according to the people around these areas, it is dangerous and unsafe for local people alone or also for foreign residents.

The following are the areas that are not worth a visit if you go to Japan.

1. Ueno

Ueno Park located in Tokyo's indeed is one of the most visited tourist destinations by many people, both local and tourists from abroad.
However, the park is included as one of the areas that are not worth a visit especially at night because the place is a 'base camp' of the homeless, and not infrequently evil people are passing by.

2. Roppongi

Roppongi is one of the most visited places by local tourists, but this place is not a recommended place to visit by the foreign tourist.
Because there are a lot of immigrants from Africa who always make an effort to do mischief and scam, especially against foreigners.

3. Kabuki

One part of Shinjuku, Tokyo is not recommended to visit, especially at night, because this place is one of Japan's largest red district.
This place is also the area of prostitution, frequented by the local or foreign tourists. Due to the entry 'red areas' then of course, in the place also is a nest of criminals.

4. the Susukino

Besides Kabukicho, Susukino which is located in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido is also a red-light district that started there since 1871. In fact, this place is one of the largest prostitution warehouses throughout Japan, no two exactly. Of course, Susukino is an attractive place for gangsters and other bad guys to stay.
In the area, established many restaurants, bars, hotels and adult entertainments that can spoil for anyone who visited it, but instead, the gangsters and criminals often took advantage of the people around or foreign tourists.

5. the Kamagasaki

Also known as Airinchiku, Kamagasaki is the most significant slum area in Japan. Even in this place is home to the homeless and blue-collar workers who do not have a place of residence or address clearly. Although many foreign tourists come to see the other side of Japan, local people, especially those from Osaka, do not recommend to visit the venue.
It is estimated there are about 30 thousand people without of distinct identity inhabit the area which has an area with a radius of about 2,000 meters and continues to increase in numbers since 2012 until now. Uniquely, the barrier between the outer portion or other areas with Kamagasaki, very clean and neat.

In the 1961's, there was a riot going on in this area as an older worker who was hit by a vehicle and ultimately died. Interestingly, although many people know that person was dying, he was at the scene without anyone ignored for 20 minutes and eventually died.

Because of this, several organizations and groups of workers in Kamagasaki protesting local government responsibilities related to that problem.
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