Traveling To Victoria, Australia To Meet The Giant Earthworm

Traveling To Victoria, Australia To Meet The Giant Earthworm.

One of the areas that are famous as a tourist destination in the State of Victoria is the city of Melbourne. But this time, We will not address the city but rather a small town named Warragul, which is 104 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. In the city, the traveler had a chance to meet with the giant earthworm-sized 2 meters. Wow!

Reported from the official tourist site of Victoria, Warragul is an agricultural area that has advanced and become the largest milk-producing town to Melbourne. The travel option in there is among other recreation park, waterfalls, lakes and hiking tracks. Do not miss also a rare sight in the form of a giant worm that makes sightings amused.

Megascolides Australis is a species of earthworm that can grow to a length of 2 meters. The worm was originally discovered by a surveyor in the 1870s in Warragul, Victoria, Australia. When the animals were thought to be the snake until it finally brought to the Director of the National Museum of Victoria to be examined.

The results showed that the animal was not a snake but earthworms then given the scientific name Megascolides Australis. But for local residents, this rare worm is known as Gippsland giant earthworm.

If generally earthworms so easily found in the area of swamps and humid lands but this worm is very hard to find. Its existence is very rare because these worms live in the ground far from the surface. Also the land holes they made also often covered by rainwater.

Giant Gippsland earthworm can only be found in Bass River Valley in the South Gippsland with an area of 100 thousand hectares. It's a shame the amount of population thinning due to the growing of infrastructure development in the region until finally, this gigantic worm, entered in the list of protected animals. You can watch Giant worms video on Youtube impressions above.

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