5 Seats You Should Avoid When Fly

The aircraft is one of the most numerous means of transport most widely used as an option while traveling a long journey. Also, because it could shorten the travel time, aircraft also promised more convenience and extra service.

Even so,  a mistake choosing a seat may make you less able to enjoy the trip. Therefore, first, consider a seat where you should avoid while on an airplane. Consider the following information:

1. Sitting in the back of the plane

Avoid sitting in the back (rd.com)
At the very rear of the plane, there are usually one or two rows of seating that looks wider than the other. This is indeed going to give its own convenience because you are free to set the chair and straighten the leg.

Unfortunately, usually sitting in the back of the plane is not attached to the window so you can not sleep lean toward the window. Sometimes there is also rogue passenger utilizing the vast space in the rear seats to put their stuff.

2. Seating is not parallel to the window

Avoid unparallel seat (seatmaestro.com)
One of the entertainment that can be obtained over the plane was watching the beauty of the scenery through the window. But be careful, sometimes, some seats are not aligned with the window, and it was right in the middle of the two windows.

If you have this, you may feel bored during the trip because you could not enjoy the view. Not to mention you might be bothered with passengers in the back who wants to benefit from the view through the window located right behind you.

3. Seats were broken

Avoid broken seat (yahoo)
In any position, a broken chair will indeed interfere with the comfort of travel. And it gets worse; it could not anticipate when booking Your ticket because you never know where the seats are broken.

Whether it be an uncomfortable backrest, a place to put the arm that bent or headphones are not working, we recommend that you ask for the help of the crew to find a new seat. But this can only happen if the flight is not in a state full of passengers.

4. Sitting near a bathroom

Avoid sitting near bathroom (rd.com)
The crew certainly try the best to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. But sometimes there is just a unresponsible passenger that forgot to flush or clean the bathroom after using it.

Well, guess what would have happened if you chose a seat near the bathroom? Also, the seats near the bathroom also very uncomfortable because it could be there could be some people who often stand near you for lining up to the bathroom. You are so lost privacy and hard to rest.

5. A seat in the last row

Avoid sitting in the last row (Shutterstock)
Choosing a seat in the last row usually will only complicate you while going down from the plane. You have to wait for other passengers to get out, and it certainly takes a long time.

Additionally, you may frequently be mobbed by the flight crew for the final row of seating is usually adjacent to a particular space flight attendant. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid when you have to book a ticket in the holiday season.

Carefully choosing a seat when booking a flight will undoubtedly make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Happy holiday!
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