Do you dare to try Dining dish at the Edge of the Cliff?

Do you like traveling and hunting for culinary delicacies? Well, then, This place is certainly fitting to visit. Name of amazing destinations is Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli.

Unlike other restaurants that we usually encounter in urban areas, this eating place offers a sensation that can be said to be very challenging. Particularly for those who have a phobia of heights. Well, curious about the other features of this tourist destination? Let's refer to his review!

1. It Took 3 Hours To Climb To This Restaurant
Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli is the name of a restaurant and guest house that popular in Switzerland. To get into that places, a traveler must be willing to climb for about 3 hours. Yes, because these unique destinations are located approximately 770 meters above sea level and on the side of a mountain in the Alpstein region.
Switzerland itself is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, which shows mostly mountainous landscape. Interested to stop by this restaurant? You can start that amazing tour from Wasserauen station.

2. June Until October Is The Most Appropriate Time To Visit
When the best time to visit this restaurant? Most visitors would suggest that you go there between June to October. Therefore, when the weather and temperatures tend to be warmer.
To maximize your vacation, you should do careful planning. Do not also forget to take the time to contact the information center there, so you can enquire about route and weather conditions before leaving for Aescher.

3. Already Hundreds of Years
For your information, Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli has been already about 170 years old. This place offers not only the beautiful natural scenery but also the super delicious food menu.

4. Down Return With Cable Car
You do not need to worry because, after tired climbing, you can go straight into the Valley by riding a cable car service that was installed around the cliffs.

5. Do Not Go There At The End of August or September
Why should you not go to this restaurant in late August or September? Because the road to Aescher definitely closed. In those months, residents around Appenzell, where this restaurant is located, usually hold a kind of ornamental cow festival. Residents will perform marches to show off their cows which have been dressed up with flowers and other trinkets.

6. You Will Find A 400 Years Church In The Cave
When you climb into Aescher, you are not only treated to stunning natural scenery but also historical places that had existed for hundreds of years. One is a church built in the cave, which is known to have been standing up for 400 years.
Although apparently this trip would be hard, you will be totally pampered with spectacular views of the Swiss nature during a hike to get there. However, it is worth before going to Aescher; you've trained your physical fitness first or at least routine exercise. And do not forget to wear a bit thick clothes, coupled with a scarf because temperatures in there are quite cold.
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