Grotta Palazzese, Restaurants with Romantic Nuance

Are you planning a romantic honeymoon? If so, there is no harm to come to the Grotta Palazzese, a unique restaurant in Italy. In addition to a culinary tour and indulge tongue, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic moment together of which certainly will not be forgotten forever.

This restaurant has many privileges, especially because the location is unusual. But of course, anyone who comes to Grotta Palazzese could definitely feel the atmosphere that so romantic and intense. Want to know more about Grotta Palazzese? Let's refer to the following review!

1. Built In The Cave
This unique restaurant was built inside a cave that has existed since centuries ago. For those of you who like an adventure in nature, this place will surely bring a different impression of your honeymoon moment. Located in Polignano a Mare in Southern Italy, guests can enjoy a dining experience that unique in the world.

2. Located 22.5 meters above sea level
Do you like activities that challenging your adrenalin? A bit of information for you, this restaurant was built inside a limestone cave located at a height of about 22.5 meters above sea level. It allows visitors to watch the waves that hit the reef right below them.

3. A Very Dramatic Sea View
This place is surrounded by a romantic feel and quiet, so it is suitable for lovers. While eating the meal that was served at the table, you can look out and enjoy the sea view which is very dramatic.
Coupled with the sound of waves as want to invite us to play with water, it will certainly add a romantic feel between you and your partner.

4. Surrounded by Buildings from Middle Ages
After eating a delicious dish of Grotta Palazzese, you can invite your partner to pass through the narrow streets of the medieval city, built on a steep cliff with a row of white buildings scattered in there. You can also find another natural cave, scattered around the restaurant.

5. Only open from May to October
If you wish to come to this restaurant, you should set your visit between May and October. Why? Because the restaurant is only open during those months. Beyond that, you certainly will not be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Adriatic sea from this restaurant.

6. Formerly Often Used For The Banquet Nobles
Restaurants built overlooking the Adriatic Sea was once often used as a place of banquet nobles. It happened around the 1700s. Of course, who can resist the beauty of the Adriatic Sea that lies below this restaurant? That's why it became a very famous restaurant in Italy.
A bit of information for you, the restaurant is part of a four-star hotel Grotta Palazzese. The hotel is located right above this restaurant. Well, it could not hurt to try to stay at the hotel, so that the moment of your honeymoon became more complete. So what are you waiting for?
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