5 Coolest Rooftop Bars in Southeast Asia

Enjoying the atmosphere of the city from a height is a fun activity. That's why many employers are competing to set up a bar on the roof of a  multi-storey building which was then known by the term rooftop bar. It's Proven that bar models like this are always visited by many travelers who wants to enjoy the beauty of the city from a different viewpoint.

Talking about rooftop bar, American and European countries is the king. There are a much multi-storey building which is equipped with a rooftop bar with views of the sparkling city. But, that does not mean the countries in Southeast Asia do not have kind of that bar. Instead, the rooftop bar in the cities of Southeast Asia more attractive because combined with a strong culture and abundant natural resources. As reported by CNN, here's five coolest rooftop bars in Southeast Asia that could be a recommendation for you.


Bali presents a natural landscape like in heaven. Therefore, it is not surprising that millions of foreign tourists to visit there every year. The natural landscape more perfectly illustrated when they visit the Ubud area. This area is famous for its beautiful landscape with lush rice field terraces and forests with trees that grow lush.
All this beauty more perfect when enjoyed in a high place while relaxing and eating a delicious meal. It can do if it comes to a resort called Ubud Hanging Gardens. This resort has accommodation in the area near Payangan, a village north of Ubud. Interestingly, this inn has swimming pool complete with rooftop bar directly face the Ayung River Valley.

Ayung River is one spot to do rafting in Bali. This river crosses the wilderness area with wonderful incredible views. So you can imagine if it were on the rooftop bar of this resort you might be looking at the how the natural green of this island of thousand temples. Because the beauty of the landscape then resort area of ​​Ubud Hanging Garden is often booked as a place to hold a wedding.


Phuket became one of the mainstays in the land of the white elephant as a magnet that attracts many tourists to visit the city because it has a row of beautiful beach. The view of the Andaman Sea is one of charm that always managed to mollify the traveler who comes.
A resort named Sri Panwa resort offers the traveler to enjoy views of the Andaman Sea in a different way. The resort owners opened a restaurant on his resort property. Suddenly this restaurant is always invaded by a lot of visitors who come not just to enjoy a variety of delicious cuisine menu but also see the beauty of the coast from a height.

The restaurant is Babanest Restaurant. The concept is contrived as it floats above the pool with 360-degree views of the Andaman Sea. Most travelers arrived in the evening while enjoying the beautiful sunset phenomenon and looked at the small islands off the Andaman sea. Maybe this is the coolest restaurants throughout Thailand.


Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the region, but if it related to foreign tourists visit, the country is still one of the kingpins in ASEAN travel. Almost the entire area is covered by a row of multi-storey buildings which are magnificent. It also later became the scene that much preferred by the traveler.
The region of Marina Bay Sands is one of the favorite spots for travelers. The location is at the edge of Singapore's shores and at the same time a magnificent urban area. The combination of the two creates incredible breathtaking views. One of the favorite spots of the traveler is the Sky Bar at the CE LA VI.

The name may be unfamiliar to a traveler who had never been to Singapore. Of course, because this bar is the new name of the old bar called Sky Bar at KU DE TA. At evenings, in this restaurant, a traveler will be pampered with a variety of Asian cuisine and a laser show.


Do you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Jakarta in a different way? Now is the time for you to try to come to SKYE, which occupies floors 56 at BCA Building Grand Indonesia. Over the last 3 years, after it opened in June 2012 ago, the rooftop bar is a byword of many travelers both local and foreign tourists.
How come, you will find serenity in the city center that famous for crowded and jammed. From the rooftop restaurant guests will be treated to views across Jakarta. The design was also made equivalent to a rooftop bar in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The view increasingly looks spectacular when the weather was clear. While enjoying a delicious meal guests can also capture a picture of the Salak mountain in South of Jakarta. At night, the place is no less festive with the presence of various DJs who entertain the guests.


Kuala Lumpur is also attractive with the presence of rooftop bar called MARINI'S on 57 which occupies the twin tower complex; Petronas Tower KLCC. The restaurant is in operation since 2012 ago and became one of the most widely hunted by a traveler who takes vacations in Malaysia.

The main course which served in there is a typical Italian menu. The bar on the roof is owned by MARINI Group and is touted to be the highest in Kuala Lumpur. Modern and luxurious felt instantly when a traveler began to get into the restaurant.
Also, a traveler who was dining in a restaurant does not have to worry about the weather conditions. Despite the rain they will remain secure because of this bar were in the room. While eating, they can see the sights of the city including the Petronas building through a transparent glass wall that circling the room.

Rooftop bar in the cities of Southeast Asia not only presents a glamorous urban landscape just like in Singapore and Malaysia. For example in Ubud, Bali and Thailand, natural landscapes also be a treat that could attract tourists to visit. Uniqueness which then makes rooftop bar in Southeast Asia favorited by many travelers. Interested to immediately visit one of these bar guys?
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