7 Best Location to Perform Underwater Weddings

Some traveler who had traveled to various parts of the world will discover exciting things that are not available to all. From then on they have a creative way to live their life, including marriage. Some traveler couples choosing to hold their wedding in a unique way or extreme arguably, such as by performing an underwater wedding.

In response to the trend of the underwater wedding makes some event organizers in cooperation with tour operators to make underwater wedding venue. Generally, These places are in the tropical islands which have sea with clear visibility. If you also have plans to get married while diving, we have picked 7 best spots for an underwater wedding.


Bora Bora is one of the most romantic islands in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean and close to Tahiti;  the island is actually the property of France. The island is surrounded by a lagoon and a row of coral reef with very clear waters. With all its advantages Bora Bora became the destination of international traveling that so famous for luxury aqua-centric resorts.

One of the coolest amenities you could encounter in Bora Bora is a wedding venue on the seabed. Lovers who want to hold a wedding under the water can come to this island. The organizers have set up a spot at a depth of 4 meters complete with flower decoration and an altar decorated with beautiful pearls. The bride, groom and pastor will use a helmet like an astronaut to keep them able to breathe and communicate. To perform wedding ceremonies for 20 minutes under the sea, the couple must spend up to USD 3,000 more.


Cabo San Lucas is an area at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. This area is famous for beaches, scuba diving and nightlife. One dive operator, Nautilus Dive Tech offers a variety of activities from the regular dive until underwater wedding ceremony which took place in the Gulf of Cabo San Lucas.

For married underwater in Mexico, the operator charges the rate quite expensive. As copied from the official website, Nautilus Dive Tech, to perform just one party the bridal has to pay USD 1,955. But the cost of that already includes dive training in the pool, wedding venue decoration under the sea, wedding photos, breakfast packs and also wedding rings container made of native mussels. How cool the marriage is in Cabo San Lucas you can see in the video shows above.


Doing married in an exclusive way under the sea can be done by booking a Preacha Island operators. This operator will work closely with Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas that will bring the bride sailed to spot underwater wedding. While Island Preacha will act as a wedding organizer of the wedding ceremony.

The underwater wedding is divided into several packages with different prices. Taken from the official website of Island Preacha, the cheapest package for  complete weddings with boat rental, underwater photo package, and video shooting package is priced at the equivalent rate of USD 3,200.


Cozumel is an island located 19.2 kilometers off the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The island is known for its crystal-clear sea and white sandy beaches like a pearl. The place is very fit to be a luxury vacation destination. If a couple of traveler wishes married in a way that is different can contact Secrets Aura Cozumel.

Secrets Aura Cozumel is a tour operator that offers various maritime activities in Cozumel. In one of its facilities, this operator also offers underwater wedding packages. Several conditions must be fulfilled brides who want to do underwater weddings, among others, they must have a diving certificate, reservations must be made 45 days before D-day, and some of the small details that can be read by yourself on the official website, secretsresorts.com. Total costs to enjoy this facility amounted to USD 2,200.


Indonesia also has a cool underwater wedding location. Taking place in Bali precisely in Tanjung Benoa, since last year Marine Tourism Association (Gahawisri) Badung build wedding location under water.

This is to accommodate the number of foreign visitors who is intending to hold their wedding in an unusual way. The construction of underwater married spot spent more than one hundred million rupiahs and became the underwater wedding's location themed Indonesian cultural nuances, first in Indonesia.


If you want to get married underwater and completely attended by relatives and family then Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA is the perfect destination that you can choose. How can you do this?  By ordering a package of the underwater wedding at the American Dive Center operator, they will prepare everything.
The advantages of using the services of American Dive Center, you not only can invite relatives and family at the wedding but also do not need to worry about a diving certificate because they do not require guests and the bride and groom should be good at diving. In this event, the operator will design diving like scuba dive's model in the depths of the sea with the guests watching from the surface of the ocean while snorkeling.


Trinidad & Tobago has the cool waters called Nylon Pool, a shallow area which is located near Buccoo Reef. The place is not only beautiful but also has a myth that every couple who kiss under the water in the area then they will get a lifetime of happiness.

With so many couples who are interested in held their wedding under the waters of Nylon Pool. For those who had this crazy plan being able to call the service of Blue Waters Inn would be happy to help couples plan their dreams wedding under the sea.

That is the seventh best location for a wedding under the water that can be your references. This method is unique and gives the impression that will not be forgotten but for couples who wish to do kind of this wedding they must have a diving license in advance because not everyone can dive

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