In These Locations, You Can Swim With The Sharks Without A Safety Equipment

Travel underwater like enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs are indeed very comforting. But for you who want to travel with a challenge of death, try to swim in the sea along with a swarm of sharks. Instead of simply swimming, you can even throw into the sea without any gear!

But you don't have to worry about being attacked by sharks, because, on the following destinations, you will be accompanied by the guide from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, incorporated in Project AWARE Foundation. Well, where are the sea can be used as the swimming arena with the sharks like the above? Here are some of them:


Located ten minutes from the island of Ambergris Caye, Shark Ray Alley is swimming destination with sharks that closest to the beach. You don't have to go all the way to the middle of the sea because it is only on a speedboat, a group of sharks and stingrays will soon welcome you.

Although look ferocious, purportedly a type of nurse sharks that lived in the depths of 8 to 30 meters in Shark Alley has a very friendly mentality. In fact, you can also get to take pictures and asked her to pose. But if you still cringe seeing rows of sharp teeth like daggers, you could see it from the top of the speedboat.


May to September is the perfect time to swim with the sharks in Isla Mujeres. Contrast to other destinations, the monsters that will be Your friends for a swim in the sea is whale shark, which is the largest in the world.

Fortunately, the whale shark is not the type of shark that loves to prey on humans. Although the giant shark, the type of this one precisely adhere to a vegetarian diet. Instead of afraid to be prey, You can swim together in the warm waters while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the Caribbean.


With status as the most beautiful place in the world, Bora Bora is also the venue of shark's captivity. In fact, swimming with sharks and stingrays iss one of the most popular activities in Bora Bora.

There are two types of sharks that would be Your swimming friends. First is the black-tailed shark that swarmed in the crystal-clear lagoon in Bora Bora. Next is the lemon sharks that is a bit far out of the sea. For the shark like this one, the guides will recommend you to do snorkeling at sea level, while the hordes of lemon sharks swim at depth.


The Galapagos Islands are indeed famous with its sea life. In addition to the giant turtles have lived for hundreds of years, the Galapagos Islands have also become a habitat for reef sharks. With a length of five feet and face a gloomy, Reef Shark will make Your swimming experience feels close to death.

To be able to look at the Reef Shark, the guide will dive to the bottom of the sea and into the caves dens. After the reef shark moving to the outer cave, you can see it from the surface of the sea. Make sure you can wake up in the morning because of Reef Shark just showed up in the morning.

A glance back, swim with the sharks do seem to defy death. Moreover, without adequate equipment. But, considering your swimming activity will be guided by experts, and some sharks are not as wold as it looks, it would not hurt you to try underwater tourism on this one. Guaranteed fun and spur adrenaline
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