7 Most Unique and Quirky Building in Europe

An architect builds a building not only in the interests of residential, office or shopping solely. In the world of architecture turns out to know also the name of art so that if the science of architecture combined with the art will create cool, unique and eccentric buildings. Unique buildings typically represent a function or something in it.

Like unique buildings in Europe that launched from CNN's website. They were built intentionally to attract human attention. In this way also, the buildings which are mostly tourist destinations are able to attract a lot of tourists visiting from around the world through its unique architecture and quirky. Here are seven of the most unique and eccentric buildings that exist in Europe, according to CNN Travel.

1. Banknote Building, Kaunas - LITHUANIA

Banknote Building is widely known as the quirky design of the building which is located in Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city which has historically been a center of the economic, academic and cultural life of the country. The uniqueness of the building can be seen directly from the outer wall which displays fractions of money from the country.
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This unique building was formally named Office Center 1000 and has been introduced to the public in 2008. The outer wall featuring the currency denomination of 1,000 Litu composed of over 4,000 ceramic glass fitted like a puzzle. The building is not only interesting to look at during the day but cool illumination lights at night also make it amazingly beautiful scenery.

2. Krzywy Domek - POLAND

For travelers who love architecture, can also visit Poland. A row of buildings called Krzywy Domek will quench the thirst of those who love art, architecture, unique and quirky. Buildings is a complex of shops and offices such as the results of an optical illusion painting which formed snaking or bent.
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Krzywy Domek is located in Sopot; this area is always crowded with tourists from various countries. Most of the tourists were amazed at the architecture of the existing building. The unique building was, in fact, the work of Polish local architectural firm named Szotynscy & Zaleski. They were built in 2004 and inspired by the fairy-tale illustrations created by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

3. Dali Theater Museum - SPAIN

Salvador Dali was known as one of the world's art maestro whose his works make people amazed. Several decades after his death, many museums built to accommodate the artworks of the maestro. The Salvador Dali museum in various parts of the world brought the concept of architecture that is no less unique than his artworks.
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One that can be visited by a traveler is Dali Theatre Museum in Spain. The building was inaugurated in 1974 and built on the remains of the former Figueres theater. This museum stored works of Salvador Dali and his life from 1904 until his death in 1989. The building is unique, shaped like a fort with a lot of egg on their towers.

4. Castle Meur - FRANCE

Located in the small village, of Côtes-d'Armor département in the Brittany region of France, there is a small house built in a very strange way. This tiny House made between two boulders that made this home impressed sandwiched in the middle. Apparently its construction made the case like that as the owners tried to protect her home from a storm window that often occur in the area.
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Small house called La Maison du Gouffre or also known as the Castel Meur has become a tourist attraction since the 19th century. The house itself was built in 1861 when there was no building permit so that anyone could make building anywhere. The view from the house is also cool because it is directly facing the sea. No wonder if the house is visited by many foreign tourists who are curious.

5. Kinemax - FRANCE

Want to watch the world's coolest cinema? Traveler obliged to come to France and visited Kinemax. This is not just a regular theaters but also a masterpiece of architectural art which magnificently outstanding and beautiful. The building exterior is shaped like a giant crystal protruding from the earth like planet Krypton origin of Superman. The unique shape and this eccentric symbolizes intelligence and perfection of nature.
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Come into the building; there is a big, high-resolution screen. The screen itself measures twice a tennis court with a room that can accommodate 440 seats. In front of the unique buildings as high as 35 meters also lay an artificial lake which is very beautiful and seem natural. The travelers who are on vacation in France do not just dwell in the city of Paris only. Come to the Poitou-Charentes region is located in the southern city of Nantes to discover the quirky building.

6. Kunsthaus Graz - AUSTRIA

Buildings such as from another world named Kunsthaus Graz and is located in the city of Graz, Austria. Its construction was orchestrated by two Englishman architects  named Peter Cook and Colin Fournie. The construction itself was made in 2003 as a form of celebration of European culture. Maybe not many people know if a unique and quirky building is actually a museum.
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Kunsthaus Graz is an art museum that visiting by many travelers. In addition to seeing their art collection, people also keen to capture images of the building by residents dubbed as the "Home of Alien." The building occupies an area of ​​over 11 thousand square meters. The form itself is very prominent and in contrast to traditional buildings around it. Even more interesting is that the Kunsthaus Graz made of 900 rings of fluorescent light that make it such a huge set of pixels.

7. Eden Project - ENGLAND

The words Eden refers to the Heaven, like that mini picture that looks at the Eden Project. An ambitious project that collects all kinds of plants from around the world and planted in one area only in the area of ​​Cornwall, England. This project took place in an area of ​​kaolinite reclamation, located 2 kilometers from the town of St Blazey and 5 kilometers from the major city of St Austell, Cornwall.
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The Eden Project has a giant dome-shaped building composed of hundreds or even thousands of hexagonal and pentagonal. The material itself is made of a plastic cell reinforced by a steel frame. This complex is divided into two parts, the first dome containing plants with a tropical environment while the other domes arranged in accordance with the Mediterranean environment. Starting in March 2001, this area has been opened to the public so that a traveler can visit and go inside. In recent years, this place is even often used as a venue for music concerts and weddings.

That is the seventh most unique and eccentric buildings in the world that you can encounter when traveling to Europe. Do you already decided where to visit first guys?.

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