Meet the T-Rex as high as 26 meters in Drumheller, Canada

There is a T-Rex in the city center in Canada. The size is incredible, 26 meters high and ready to terrorize citizens. But do not worry, one of the dinosaur species that malignant famous will not eat on humans. It's just a statue that is located across from The Fossil Shop in the town of Drumheller, Canada.

For the traveler who is on holiday in Canada, there is no harm in visiting the city of Drumheller. The city is located about 135 km from Calgary in the province of Alberta. Why visit this city? The reason is simple because the city of Drumheller offers a unique kind of tour of "time travel" back to the dinosaur age.
world's largest dinosaur (instagram @theweedreview_co)

Launched from official tourism website of Drumheller city, the city has a unique nickname as the Dinosaur Capital of the World. How come? So here goes the story, Drumheller town became the only city in the world's that most dinosaurs fossils are found in its territory. The amount is unmitigated more than 1,000 fossils have been found in different areas of the city.
world's largest dinosaur (instagram @lisamarie.780)

From there and then with the responsive local government raised the potential of becoming a tourist attraction. The types of tourism offered was not far away from a dinosaur theme. To confirm that Drumheller is really a home of dinosaurs, built a statue of a giant T-Rex of 65 tons, with 26 meters high and 46 meters long.
view from tme mouth (instagram @ben_murphy642)

The statue is located across from The Fossil Shop and was recorded as the world's largest dinosaur statue by Guinness World Records. Even the size is larger than the original T-Rex. Statue of T-Rex that spent approximately USD 1 million has become one of the landmarks of the city and attract many visitors, especially those visiting The Fossil Shop for shopping fossils of animals and plants.
world's largest dinosaur (@andrea.dominic)

A traveler can not only be photographed with the T-Rex from the outside only, by paying CAD 3 visitors can enter the body of this statue and even photograph the view from his mouth gaping. Inside the statue, there are also many paintings and photographs with detailed information about the different types of dinosaurs. Are you interested in visiting?
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