Unique, Open Toilets in Iceland, Brave take a bath in There?

The toilet is generally constructed with a parapet; it's different with toilets in a hinterland of Iceland's. Toilet here do not have walls, and also not to be in the room, this is the toilet in the open space with beautiful views of the incredible snowy mountains.

It is the toilet in Krafla, a remote area in the north of Iceland. As reported by CNN Travel, Krafla is a caldera of the Krafla volcano which is still active. Since the 1700s, this mountain has experienced eruptions recorded as many as 29 times.
Krafla Volcano area (instagram @dmirales)
The Icelandic government then decided to build a power plant in the region using geothermal energy since 1977. Although officially this area is used as a power plant but there is a traveler who visited there. At Krafla, a traveler generally like trekking to see mountains covered with white snow.

There is a unique view that a traveler can get by visiting Krafla region. Not far from the power plant area, there are outdoor toilets without walls and doors. The toilet consists of a shower and a toilet. The open toilet is located in a remote area in a field that is so wide.
Krafla Power Plant Area (instagram @mybrainsociety)
No clear reason why the toilet was built in an open space. Perhaps in consideration of the area so remote that it does not take a private room to build a toilet. In the website of CNN Travel and other sources is also not explained who built the toilet.

The outdoor toilet alleged to have existed before the year 2010 is expected to be built by workers of Krafla power plant. Interestingly, this toilet invited much curiosity of a traveler around the world so that they are willing to come all the way to the Krafla to see for themselves the appearance of these toilets. In fact, not infrequently of a traveler who tried to bathe in the shower or defecating on the toilet.
open toilet in Krafla (instagram @cnn)
Even more interesting about the fact of the toilet is never short of water even in remote mountainous areas. The water is supplied directly from nature that comes from the hot springs of Krafla caldera. If you are interested feel the sensation of bathing in the open area, just come to Krafla that is located in the remote area of Iceland within 5-hour drive from the capital Reykjavik.

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