Meteora, Heaven in "the Central of Sky" Greece

Greece is paradise for tourists. In addition to its historical buildings heritage that awesome, Greece was also awarded an extremely beautiful natural beauty. One of the natural beauty that should be included in the list of travel in Greece is Meteora.

In addition to its natural beauty, Meteora also has the allure that has even been listed as UNESCO world heritage in 1988. What are the natural beauty and allure offered by Meteora? Here are four of them:

Pillar Stone

The main attraction at Meteora is none other than the stone colonnade. The geologists estimate that the formation process of stone pillars have been started since 60,000,000 million years ago, namely the Palaeogene period.
With the process of forming and forging of nature that was so long, Meteora then manifests in the form of 120 stone pillars as it is today. In 1920, the stairs were carved on the stone pillars, making it easier for residents and tourists to reach the monasteries at its peak.


Not only beautiful, Meteora is a sacred place for locals. No less than 24 monasteries built on the tops of the stone pillars. From the 24 monasteries, only six are still used today (five man monastery and one woman), with occupants less than 10 people in each monastery.
According to historical records, a group of pastors began to live in the recesses of the rock in Meteora Area in the early 11th century. They refuge from attacks of Turks who invaded Greece in the 14th century; the monks began to build a monastery on the peaks of Meteora. Given the new stairs carved in 1920, The monks were trying to reach the summit with difficulty, through the aid of ladders and hoists.

'Central of Sky'

Has a unique name that is similar to the album title of rock band from the United States, Linkin Park, Meteora actually comes from the Greek, meteoros, which means 'central sky.' The name is apparently referring to the form of the stone pillars that resemble a row of the giant finger.
That said, the 24 monasteries that stood on stone pillars that seem to float in space, especially when seen from below. That is what caused the locals named Meteora or 'sky'.

Heaven for Hiking

Located at an altitude of 313 meters above sea level, Meteora is a perfect haven for cross-country enthusiasts. Not just downhill, Meteora even has 700 hiking trail, so hikers do not need to be worry bored because they can come repeatedly rose to the top through different paths.
Suitable month to climb Meteora is between March to June, also from August to November. But, before climbing, there are several things that need to be observed. Given Meteora is a sacred place, the climbers must comply with some predefined rules. One of them is a ban on wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts.

To find the beauty of a cluster of stone pillars, tourists can depart from Kalampaka, about 352 kilometers from Athens. With car travel, Meteora can be reached in just over four hours. It is 'center of the sky' that easily accessible. 
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