My Roadtrip in Iceland

Reyjkavik city
Okay, this time, I want to try to share the experience of traveling that has just finished, while still warm on so I am trying to share.
Rental car-Vik-Jokulsarlon

My trip this year chose Iceland as the main destination, and this is one of the top lists in my bucket list. Why choose road trip? Based on searching in google, it is very complicated if you want to travel in Iceland relying on public transportation especially if not summer time. Another option is joining the tour or hitchhike because I do not have much time then hitchhike option in strikethrough and touring isn't too interested and will be the last option when there is no other way.
Glacier trekking skaftaffel

After calculating the budget and compare with touring, it was decided to road trip and rent a car, this does not mean the tour more expensive, this is my personal considerations only.
After that try to find Travelmate to create a cost-sharing basis at least one person, but after the post in some website not found as well, so I decided just to travel solo, and maybe later met Travelmate there.
Arnarstapi-Blue lagoon-Djupalonssandur


  • Physically: maintain health and often do cardio alone.
  • Often see a map of Iceland on google map and create a rough route that will be addressed there.
  • Search for lodging if needed.
  • The most important find a rental car, after a comparative few local rental place, I get a rental place, which provides a lower price and give fuel discount cards and the review is good, can be delivered to the places we stay or an airport without getting fees again.
  • Prepare what will be eaten over there and sleep where it was decided to bring some of their own supplies and only booked the Inn at Reykjavik when first arrived and in Jokulsarlon area. The rest will go show or sleep in the car.
  • Prepare suitable outfit for the weather conditions there, because after I check the temperature is below 5 degrees then prepare to bring more jacket.
  • Carry medical supplies and drugs
  • Travel insurance is important because I will be driving alone.
  • International driving license.

Kirkjufell mountain-Snaefellsjokull

How to drive in Iceland?

  1. You can see some videos on youtube regarding safe drive in Iceland, in facts, there are violations committed in the field by many tourists, a typical example: not 4WD vehicles remains determined to go into the street which is already obviously mounted the mark only for 4WD.
  2. The first time driving on the left is in Iceland, driving here tricky because the road is straight and there is rarely another car so easy plasticity. It was tricky because subconsciously you know we've been over speed (it should be careful), the road surface also not flush with the surface of the asphalt next road to be higher so that if the car lost control certainly it will be rolled. Then perhaps the last about the weather changing from dry to wet and rainy.
  3. There are two types of the road surface on Iceland, paved and gravel road. Should be more careful on the gravel road because the road surface in the form of small pebbles so it can be tricky if you are not careful.
  4. Although the view along the way is cool do not stop carelessly, there is a bit hollow side of the road provided for us to stop and parking. 

Solheimasandur plane crash-Lakagigar

Preparation when in Iceland:

  1. For the direction, there are two options:  rent a GPS in your car or buy a local sim card. I choose the option to purchase the sim card because it is cheaper and can be used for the internet, SMS and telephone as well if needed and much more economical. It costs about 10 euros.
  2. Supplies are the first to be prepared, and supermarket that must be visited to buy this stock is Bonus, try first got this done.  Because in Iceland no supermarket when it came out of the city, there will be more if we go into small towns, but Bonus supermarket is not necessarily there. 
  3. For fuel try to discipline, when it's half, try to refill. Because I got fuel discount card from the car rental, then I must fill in that brand only. Payment can be by credit card at automatic machines or cash but must go to the cashier. I choose to use a credit card because it's easier.


It looks like it's been all the preparation. For routes over there I started from Reykjavik to Southcoast then back again to Reykjavik and further to the Westcoast and back again. A bit back and forth is not clear indeed. The whole route is about 1,100 KM
Day 1: Paris – Reykjavik by Wow airlines
Day 2: Reykjavik-Vik-Jokulsarlon
Day 3: Glacier trekking from Skaftafell by tour-Reynisfjara beach
Day 4: Dyrhólaey beach — Skógum-Skógar Museum-Lakagigar
Day 5: Sólheimasandur, Plane Crash-Seljalandsfoss-golden circle-Reykjavik
Day 6: Mountain Kirkjufell, Snaefellsjokull,
Day 7: Djupalonssandur, Arnarstapi-Reykjavik, blue lagoon.

That's my road trip experience in Iceland may be useful for all my friends. ;)
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