Cheap Shopping In Ginza, Japan

GU store, Ginza
Ginza, synonymous with shopping, branded goods are super duper expensive. But not everything is expensive. Among the rows of branded boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Balenciaga, and others, there are also shops that sell the good stuff and quality at backpacker prices.

exit A2 Ginza station

One of them is a boutique Gu. Gu only sells fashion products under the brand Gu (probably a local brand of Japan). And amazingly the price is very low. Prices for girls pants with the fashionable model even cheaper than the souvenir t-shirt sold in Asakusa.

view from exit A2 Ginza station

For a tourist, shopping on Gu could be tax-free. Just show your passport and spend minimal  ¥ 5,000. (In Gu you can get 5-6 items with ¥ 5,000). Indeed backpacker friendly.
If you want to Gu, from the Ginza station better out on the exit A2. So get out the ladder, store of Gu directly plasticity.

Tax free in Gu

So backpackers who are in Japan, Happy Shopping
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