From the Orthodox Church to Nightclub, all in Moscow

Predicate as the capital of Russia, Moscow is indeed always seemed crowded and busy. The society runs with deftly and quickly, almost running, even in the middle of heavy traffic and stalled. However, Moscow also has a variety of another interesting side to be listened to more.

What are the other side and how its appeal? Let us refer to the diversity of the city of Moscow below:


Only in Moscow you can make a tour across the ages. Not in the sense of across time and space as in science-fiction, but rather sees diversity landscape built from different centuries. The requirement is easy; you just have to walk away and down the sidewalks that stretch in the city of Moscow.

kremlin (

Starting from the Kremlin or Kolomenskoe Museum, you can find traces of architecture from the period of ancient Russia. Heading into The Moscow Estate, you will be lulled by the beautiful architecture of the Romanesque period of the 18th century. Residence of Maxim Gorky thus showing something else, namely the Art-Nouveau style, built by f. Shechtel early in the 20th century. Next, the Moscow Central Avenues and Tverskaya Street is full of Imperial Hue of the Soviet Union.


One of the landscapes which are proud of the community of Moscow is the City Park. Despite being in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the capital, parks in Moscow brings beautiful natural atmosphere. You can spend time with picnics, sightseeing, sports, as well as watching the concert.

the Gorky Park

Garden City most visited by the community is The Gorky Park. Not just beautiful, the park whose name is taken from the prominent figures of Russia is also the greenest spot in Moscow. There is also a park Sokolniki and Fili are no less beautiful and green.


No less than 790 Orthodox Church stands firmly in Moscow. In addition to running the function as places of worship, the Orthodox Church in Moscow is also becoming a place of preservation of paintings and applied arts that were hundreds of years old. In addition, the Orthodox Church has also become a place of dwelling for Russia's military and political figures.

Vysokopetrovsky (

In addition to the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow also has monasteries scattered in the border city. According to history, the Monastery has a dual function as a residence and fortress defense in time of war. Neither the structure nor the construction was designed with the emphasis on defense so that the people of Moscow could take shelter in it during the attack. Some monasteries that still survive until now, among others Vysokopetrovsky, Rogdestvensky, and Sretensky.


Stand side by side with churches and monasteries; nightlife also thrives in Moscow. You can find bars, clubs clubbing, concerts, and parties with various themes that you want.

The Noon Bar

You should visit the Noon Bar if you want to spend the night with a positive atmosphere. Here you can enjoy cocktails and snacks that are guaranteed appetite. Meanwhile, more wild evening entertainment you can get in Propaganda. Accompanied by snaps music from DJ Sanches, you can follow the various parties, such as gay party and dance party.

With diversity as mentioned above, there is no mistaking that Moscow is a city that has a variety of special sides, not just busy and jammed. Interested to visit?
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