Four reasons to visit the Land of Magic, Iceland

Judging from its name, Iceland frequently analogized as the land that is gilded with ice crystals, minus-temperature, and filled with glimmering glaciers. But it really dwarfs the fact to assess Iceland only of the preceding.

In fact, Iceland has a million magical charm that can make anyone reluctant to leave it. What kind of magical offered by this North country? Here are four of them:


What is presumably a more magical than the aurora borealis? Formed by a layer of the atmosphere affecting the electrons from the solar wind, aurora borealis always danced in the northern hemisphere, particularly in the crystal-clear winter.

aurora borealis (

To enjoy a natural phenomenon as bizarre as the aurora borealis, certainly no more perfect place than Iceland. You can hunt it with the skate on the ice fields or by renting 4 × 4 Superjeep, which certainly could provide a challenge.


The geysers that spurt, a towering iceberg, beach formed by black lava, a mountain blazing fire, all that you can find in Iceland with only one way. You can even feel the excitement of ice climbing on the Solheimajokull glacier on the South coast of Iceland.

dettifoss (

If still not satisfied, you can still do adventure into Jokulsarlon lagoon as well as the Dettifoss waterfall. During the trip, it could be you will meet with the small-sized unique entities, with shaggy hair that covers the eyes. Don't worry; it is the horse Iceland reportedly could make the mood so much the better.


Harp on this one is not a musical instrument, but rather a concert hall and Conference Centre in the port of Reykjavik. It’s composed of shimmering glass blocks and can change color; the harp was designed by Olafur Eliasson who was using the idea of the glacier and games of light.

harp (

Besides being the headquarters of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera, the Harp was also the venue for the Iceland Airwaves, a sort of annual music awards which was attended by a wide range of the world's top musicians. Some of the most famous musicians of Iceland has also staged a concert here, including Bjork, Sigur Ros, Monster and Men.


The story of the elf may just simply huldufólk or fairy tale adapted by animated film. But for the people of Iceland, the elf is the real part of their lives. Poll held in 2006 stated that 37% of Iceland's society believes the existence of Elves. In fact, many families built the afhol (home elf) in their yards.

afhol the elf house (

Not just afhol, you can also find the Elf School in Reykjavik. The school will teach you about the different mystical creatures in Iceland, including 13 types of elf, 4 types of gnome, 3 types of trolls, and 3 types of fairies. The tutor was the people who have directly related to the mystical life. Believe it or not.

The natural beauty that is in harmony with the mystical story inevitably has made Iceland into a magical land. Its charm undoubtedly can anesthetize you like visiting the world of fairy tales.

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