Seven Cities in the USA, Which Has a Population of Most Body Odor

The United States has a lot of states with the potential for unlimited tourism. But most parts of the country are in the barren environment and hot that affect the sweat production of the population. Some sweat produced by the body becomes a place for bacteria to breed in certain body parts which led to the emergence of body odor.

As an explanation from George Preti, Ph.D., of the Monell Chemical Senses Center quoted by CNN Travel, the body odor may result from the accumulation of the hot and humid weather, dry skin, stress, and smoke. While the Total Beauty sites using climate data and smokers in the US to create a list of areas in the United States with a population that has the highest body odor. The following list of the countdown is below.


In the last sequence or seventh, there is Yuma city as a city with a population of most odor in America. The ranking is obtained by performing a survey on climatic conditions and habits of its inhabitants. Where during the summer the population in Yuma susceptible to serious skin problems ranging from sweating, dry skin and the incidence of skin scales.


The influence of the desert climate in the city of Yuma contributes to creating an ideal environment for the growth of skin bacteria that cause body odor. As the result of the city's population was labeled as one of the most odor in America. The city is located at the southwestern tip of the state of Arizona where most of its territory in the form of a barren desert.


San Antonio is a city located in the state of Texas that is located in the southern part of America. When summer arrives, the San Antonio area will experience a drastic increase in temperature with avail in the blazing sunlight. This condition is certainly triggering the production of excessive sweat on citizens who are actively working.


Again increasingly unpleasant body odor because it is caused by smoking and the majority of the citizens of San Antonio is a smoker. That's not a far-fetched if a later survey Total Beauty puts San Antonio as one of the cities with the most odor population in America.


In fifth-ranked is the city of New Orleans and became a major port city in the United States and largest city in the State of Louisiana. The city is located very close to the Gulf of Mexico who becomes the mouth of the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, New Orleans has high temperatures and high humidity in almost all year round.


These conditions make the city dubbed as one of the "sweaty city" in the United States. New Orleans is also a haven for smokers where excise taxes are very low in this city as well as the absence of a ban on smoking in public places. Some sources say that about 20% of adults in New Orleans are a smoker.
Coupled with the city's typical food that uses spices with strong aromas make the body odor of New Orleans residents are very sharp even there is a parody that says that the perfume with the best quality in the world will not be able to overcome the problem of body odor in this city.


Chicago was established on August 12, 1833, and has grown to become the largest city in the state of Illinois, United States. It also means putting this city as a center for breeding and industry that is very famous. In addition, Chicago has also become a strategic port city located in the Great Lakes. But there is one secret that not many people know much.


From a survey by Forbes magazine, Chicago recorded as the city with the highest stress level in the United States. Its inhabitants are also known to the majority of active smokers, about 1 in 5 residents of this city known is a smoker. High levels of stress make excessive sweat production in certain areas while the smoking habit could make the increasingly pungent smell of sweat. That's why Chicago is in fourth-ranked as the city with the most pungent-smelling body.


As the capital of the state of Arizona, Phoenix transformed into a metropolitan city and the most advanced regarding its population. Its unique name was taken from the name of the species in the form of the mythological firebird. In the Navajo language, Phoenix is ​​also called the Hoozdo which means "hot spot." So why was named so?


From the investigation, the naming of this area related to the location of its territory. Phoenix is ​​in the middle of Arizona in the southwestern United States which incidentally is an arid area with the majority of the territory in the form of desert. From Old Spice data of Top 20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities, This city has the highest temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius, which is characteristic of a desert climate. Such conditions contribute big numbers regarding making the dead and dry skin which ultimately provides the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria that cause body odor. No wonder if Phoenix in third place as the city with the most odor population in the American.


In the movies with the theme of extraterrestrial life and involve the American space agency NASA would always carry the name of Houston. It's no secret the city is the home of the Johnson Space Center of NASA in which the space flight activity, astronaut training, and all of the control center is in it.


Houston also became the fourth largest city in the United States once the largest in the state of Texas. The famous metropolis is also located in the geographical dry area where every year the city was experiencing summer with an average temperature of the highest among other American cities. The combination of hot weather and high humidity make Texas especially Houston, entry the list of cities with most smelling body odor population.


Known by the nickname Sin City, a gambling Town to Heaven of the world, Las Vegas became a popular tourist destination and one of the most popular in America. Nightlife in the city is touted as one of the best in the world. The view of his city was often seen in a variety of movie made by Hollywood. With the increasing fame of this region in the world and directly boost tourism in the area.


But there's one thing less to the attention of a world traveler that Las Vegas is a region that has a long summer with scorching weather and dry. It certainly makes the inhabitants living in it susceptible to excessive sweat production. Even Old Spice Top 20 "All-Time Sweatiest City", put Las Vegas as the most sweaty. Plus the fact that nearly a quarter of the city's population is smokers make it lead a list of cities with a population of most body odor in America.

That's the seventh city in America that has a population of most body odor according to Total Beauty. Ever had the experience of a tangent with a population of body odor in those cities?
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