Norway, the land of 1001 Tunnel

Drive from one place to another location through the streets on the original land is something almost impossible to do in Norway. Those who live there have to drill the mountain or use the ferry to cross the Fjord. All know that the main challenges countries around the pole are the existence of a Fjord, a narrow area on the coast bounded precipitous cliffs.

Norway is a country that has a beautiful nature but is in areas with difficult geographical conditions. The Mainland of the country is filled with a maze of fjords, glaciers, and mountains. This means that for months during the winter many Norwegians are isolated from each other.

laerdals tunnel (

Unlike in others countries where the Township contains crowded houses. Norway's nearest neighbors can be one kilometer separated by glaciers cliff. However, this kind of life was felt by the population before the country has built a road tunnel.

Building a bridge is not the right solution to solve the transportation problem in there. The Government of Norway preferred drilled mountains to build the tunnel. Because the distance between one fjord with another fjord is far enough and the terrain is steep so not possible to build the bridge.

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A tunnel will make people drive comfortably and easily rather than having to go through the route detours through streets on the edge of the mountain or climb aboard. With the trend to build the tunnel so, it's not surprising if the country has 900 tunnel even other sources mention if Norway has more than a thousand tunnels.

The tunnel was built not only on land, but the country has 33 underwater tunnels. If we accumulated all the tunnels there extends for 750 kilometers. This is why Norway gets the nickname State of 1001 tunnel.

this tunnel has length 24.5 km (

Of the many tunnels in there, tucked a tunnel into the discussions of the world due to the size of length. The Laerdal Tunnel, a 24.51-kilometer long tunnel that connects the villages of Laerdal and Aurland, which connect the capital Oslo to Bergen.

It became the longest highway tunnel in the world. However, for the record of the longest tunnel is still firmly hold by the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland that is 57 kilometers which are the railway line. That is how conditions in Norway, a country that famous for its incredible variety of things such as Viking, Aurora, glaciers to the tunnel.
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