These Four Countries Have a Unique Ritual to Commemorate the Death.

Death is a natural thing in the life of every living creature. Each country has different customs and cultures to honor or even celebrating the death of a person,

Starting from the most southern region of Africa to northern parts of Scandinavia, here are the four States that have the most unique death rituals in the world:

1. South Africa

Almost all cultures in the Black Continent in honor of the death of someone with a special ceremony and ritual. So it is with South Africa. The country has ever escaped from the clutches of apartheid politics has a way of mourning traditionally then mingle with modern culture.
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When a person dies, his family will soon be sprinkled ashes on the window of his home. All beds and mattresses in a room of individuals who died will be removed so that the deceased could enter into it. The ritual is also coupled with the slaughter of animals in honor of the ancestors.

2. Mongolia

At the time of pre-revolutionary era, a high-level llama who died in Mongolia will be cremated. The ashes will be used as the raw material for the prayers monument. But for the general public, the ritual of death quite heavily influenced by modern life.

Just like the Tibetans, many Mongols community believes on ' sky burial ' or cemetery on the sky. The man who died is believed to be going to the high places that are not protected by anything and engulfed the wild. However, there are also burials in the ground that loaded with red and black color, complete with milk, rice, and clean sand around the cemetery.

3. Cambodia

Given a lot of Cambodia community embraced Buddhism and believes in reincarnation, death rituals are not the agenda that is considered most important in everyday life. Mourning is usually attended by family and close relatives who wore white clothes.

The bodies are usually stored at home, bathed, and worn clothing, before finally being prayed for by some monks for three days. After the third day, the body will be cremated, and his ashes will be provided at a nearby Buddhist temple. The actual ritual conducted for seven days. But along with the times, time has been shortened to three days only.

4. Sweden

Death rituals in Sweden heavily influenced by Lutheran Christianity. Burial or cremation recently made within one to three weeks after the death of a person. During the wait time, the corpse will be kept in a special place.

The graves of people who died, later on, should only be visited by family members or the closest relatives. Exclusive mourners are going to be wearing a white tie, then put the local Sweden flowers above the coffin and sang the song of mourning.

Though considered weird and unusual, the tradition has been carried out since ancient times. Local people believe that it is the best way to release the people that they care about. Many tourists who are attracted by the rituals of death but of course it 's hard to witness it firsthand. Besides, because there is not always a death ritual are held every day, the families would not also easily allow foreigners participated in the ceremony.
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