Rows of Remarkable Photographs in National Geographic Photo Contest!

National Geographic Photo Contest 2016 has been opened. Many photographers are participating in the most prestigious photo contest on the planet. Some best picture nominees have been selected by the judges to compete again to become the best. These pictures come from various parts of the world with a shooting angle and the right timing to produce images that are so beautiful.

Here are pictures of nominations in National Geographic Photo Contest that make you stunned.

1. Trollstigen, Norway

Apparently, the work of Christoph Schaarschmidt was taken in one of the most winding and dangerous roads in the world named Trollstigen. On an ordinary day a photo of this road has seen terrible at once riveting, especially this photo was taken at a very precise time.
Trollstigen, Norway (Source)

See the foggy condition with a natural setting that looked Dim; the photo was most likely taken in the morning or afternoon. The road is located in the mountain valley was shrouded in the mist and leaving the images of light vehicles grooves that are fading. Trollstigen itself is a winding road that is located in the municipality of Rauma, Norway. Officially this road starting to be used in 1936.

2. Blackhawk, South Dakota

Imagine being in a place that is in the photo below. How do you feel? Dark clouds seem to form a vortex like an eye of the storm. In the distance is also visible vortex tornado begins to form. This tense situation actually seems so dramatic moment immortalized by the camera lens.
Tornado in Blackhawj, South Dakota (Source)

These photos are so spectacular. It is the submission of a photographer named James Smart. From the description, photos sent in the National Geographic, this tense situation occurred in Blackhawk, South Dakota. The photos show that the region is experiencing Supercell storms or storm clouds unusual and sometimes lead to disaster.

3. Lapland, Finland

Wooden shed that froze covered in ice becomes the perfect scenery to depict a land of ice like in fairy tales. Photo by Pierre Destribats become one of the best picture nominees in the event National Geographic Photo Contest 2016 and has an excellent opportunity to snatch the title.
Lapland, Finland (Source)

This photo was taken in the region of ​​Lapland, Finland at night in winter.  It appears as far as the eye can see that looks just expanse of snow and ice mound that froze. The panoramic view around is more beautiful with the presence of the aurora light at the end of the horizon.

4. Uluru, Australia

Uluru, also called Ayers Rock is a sandstone mountain formation of immense proportions in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta. The location is 350 km southwest of the city of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. This rock is a sacred place for Aboriginal tribe which is evidenced by the discovery of many springs, caves, and primitive paintings.
Uluru, Australia (Source)

This rock became one of the tourist icons in Australia and visited by many tourists. His picture has been widely circulated in cyberspace. However, not many are able to get such dramatic photograph such as those obtained by Christoph Schaarschmidt. Perhaps, he had also inadvertently perpetuated because to get a photo of Uluru is being bombarded with lightning as it takes right timing and not always there.

5. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Tucked into one photo in National Geographic Photo Contest 2016 with the theme of Indonesia. The lucky photographer was Reynold Dewantara with his very dramatic photo in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.
Mount Bromo, Indonesia (Source)

From the photos, it looks clearly if this photo was taken with great guts. Because the horseman is not far from Bromo volcano that being erupting volcanic ash. Reynold's efforts were not in vain because he is finally getting the results satisfactory photo let alone nominated the best photos.

6. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa

The photos are posted on the National Geographic not just scenery but also the photos as below. Life of beast in the wild that rarely seen by human eye. These pictures captured the fight of two lions that looks so ferocious.
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, SA (Source)

The photo was taken by photographer Jaco Marx in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park alias Kgalagadi Transboundary Park in South Africa. This park is one of the safari sights that lie on the border of southern Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. The size of the park has reached 3.6 million hectares and listed as one of the largest nature reserves in the world.

7. Guizhou, China

One word for the results of photographs by Thierry Bornier below, WOW! Do not think this photo was taken inadvertently on an unplanned journey. Because to get shots of this stylish image takes effort and patience.
Guizhou, China (Source)

Thierry Bornier admitted that to get a pretty view with the right composition like that he had to wait up to a week. It was not until he gets the desired rural atmosphere like the one we enjoy it. Rice field terraces with some of these settlements were taken in the countryside in Guizhou, China.

8. Bryce Canyon, Utah

List of next nominations came from the work of a photographer named Yvonne Baur. His picture is simple just a field of snow with a tree. But the meaning is conveyed by this photograph is very deep.
Bryce Canyon, Utah (Source)

The photos were taken during a snowstorm in the area of ​​Bryce Canyon, Utah. All areas covered with snow except for one tree that stands prominently visible in the middle of the frozen landscape with visibility almost zero. This tree illustrates a hard struggle to survive in a cruel natural selection.

9. Island of Réunion, France

Although it looks nice and makes people amazed, to get this photo, the photographer risking his life. A very big risk to perpetuate vomit lava from volcanic eruptions as did by photographer Gaby Barathieu follows.
Island of Reunion, France (Source)

In the photo mentioned that the picture was taken in the Reunion Island, a French territory who are abroad. The image object is none other than La Fournaise volcano that was erupting.

10. Arches National Park, Utah

Utah area seems to be a favorite of photographers hunting for a cool image. One more picture nominated by National Geographic photo contest was also taken in the area of ​​Utah precisely in Arches National Park.
Arches National Park, Utah (Source)

In this national park, there is a Balanced Rock and a tree nearby. With black and white mode for the image produced remains enchanting especially visible in the sky constellations and galaxies shone brightly. The photos are the work of Manish Mamtani.

Later National Geographic Photo Contest winners will be awarded a trip to the Arctic to do safari meet with a polar bear for seven days.
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