Top 4 Most Eccentric Contest Existing on Earth

Top 4 Most Eccentric Contest Existing on Earth

Typically, contests or competitions are limited to the field of music, modeling, and sports. Sometimes there is also a competition which is a bit eccentric at certain moments such as In Independence day. But have you ever seen Super unique contests like the following?

Beer Drinking Contest While Playing Ping Pong.

World Series of Beer Pong (Source)
Beer drinking contest is already widely held in various parts of the world. But if the contest is done while 'playing ping-pong', it seems only in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Even that contest has become an annual concert called World Series of Beer Pong, where the winner can get a prize of $ 50,000!

To start the game, a number of glasses have been arranged to resemble a pyramid on top of a table. In that table, each participant is required to 'play ping-pong,' i.e., by throwing ping-pong ball toward the opponent pyramid. The number of balls that hit the glass then calculated as how much beer should be taken by the other party. No wonder that this contest may spend 1000 gallons of beer in just three days. Damn!

Beard and Mustache contest

World Beard & Mustache Championship (Source)
For men who keep the mustache and beard, perhaps the World Beard and Mustache Championship was the right Pageant to follow. How come,  a contest held in Anchorage, Alaska is inviting anyone to compete on mustache and beard arrangement.

The world Beard and Mustache Championship (PDC) are held every two years and is divided into three categories, namely the category of partial beard, beard, and mustache. Each category is still divided into several sub-categories. Mustache category, for example, also includes the sub-categories Dali style and freestyle. In the sub-category of freestyle in 2009, a man who formed his mustache to resemble spoons and forks successfully won the Championship. Swag!

Beautiful Bottom Contest

Sloggi Bottom Contest (Source
For most people, has a beautiful butt is a gift from the Creator. Gratitude for the gift is then made Sloggi, a clothing company in Europe, held the best butt contest in Paris, France.

Both well-known models, as well as households mothers, may register in this unique contest. In fact, men also could take part. Later, the beauty of the buttocks of each participant will be assessed directly by eight experts from the world of fashion. Also, all eight experts also look at some other aspects, such as body athleticism, attitude, beauty smile and eloquence speak as Sloggi ambassadors.

Burlesque Contest

World Burlesque Contest (Source)
It is well known that Las Vegas, Nevada, United States is a haven for the night entertainment. So, no surprise too that the world burlesque contests are also held in this city. Hmm ... What is burlesque?

Burlesque is a combination of choreography and humor sensitivity which refers to the form of striptease. In the contest, titled Burlesque Hall of Fame Award, each participant will be given four minutes to display creativity, sexiness, and mastery of the stage a la burlesque. So hot!
For reasons of uniqueness and eccentricity, it would not hurt if you took a time to watch the contest. Or you just challenged to enroll? Go ahead!

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